Saturday 24 September 2022

Week 38 of #Project365 17th - 23rd September. A photo every day for a year!

It has been a strange week with the Queens funeral, the bank holiday and we have had lots going on here. Becky bought herself a new desk and chair for her bedroom, I don't know why but that's what she wants, who am I to argue. She has that to sort out over the weekend and tidy her bedroom. Ellie was helping out at the school open evening and didn't get back in until after 8pm on Thursday evening and Stu has been working different shifts over the past week. I didn't know when to expect him in from work.

I am looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend. I did a lot of the weekend jobs yesterday so we could have a lazy weekend. We're having home made pizzas tonight for tea and then will be settling down in front of the TV to watch Strictly! I can't wait!

Now for a photo every day.

News on the TV and a firepit
Queens funeral and chicken pie
Youngest with drawing on her hand and mince pies
Packaging from parcels

260/365 - 17th September
Of course I was watching more of the news and Queens grandchildren surrounding her coffin. So sad and to think one of them was around the same age as my youngest.

261/365 - 18th September
Stu decided to burn all the cardboard out of the garage in the fire pit that he made earlier in the year from a washing machine drum. It really helped us with the recycling which we still haven't caught up with from the kids birthdays.

262/365 - 19th September
The day of the Queens funeral. She had such a good send off. I hope the family is getting chance to grieve properly now without the words media watching.

263/365 - 20th September
Sweet potato topped chicken & mushroom pie. It was so good and made a change from using normal mashed potato. The kids thought I had actually put food colouring in the mash. lol 

264/365 - 21st September
I am sure Ellie could have been a tattoo designer in a past life. lol She is always drawing pretty patterns on her hands while she is at school. She is never so keen to wash them off.

265/365 - 22nd September
It's that time of year. hehehe and no it's never too early for mince pies. Got them on Thursday and I think there's only 1 left. We will probably be sick of them come Christmas.

266/365 - 23rd September
The postman had been with an armful of parcels.


  1. I guess I'd better start stocking up on dried fruit so N can make his mince pies again. I'm not a fan but he loved making them last year. That fire pit's great. My FIL has a similar creative one on the farm.

  2. It was such a sad moment seeing all her grandchildren like that..she was clearly loved by them all. The Sweet potato topped chicken & mushroom pie and sounds yum!

  3. Love the fire pit. What a great way to recycle the washing machine drum. The Queen’s funeral was very moving wasn’t it? I was glad her family had some private time to grieve afterwards. That chicken and mushroom pie looks yummy. Love the drawing on Ellie’s hand. #project365

  4. I was absolutely thrilled when I was 7 and got a desk and chair for my bedroom: I still have them! The Queen's funeral seems so long ago now but I found the vigil by the grandchildren very emotional (I was 15 when I lost my first grandparent and can't imagine doing this like Visocunt Severn) #project365

  5. How clever is Stu coming up with that for a fire pit! I think it looks great. Your sweet potato topped chicken & mushroom pie looks delicious! When are you inviting me for dinner lol. I need to get cracking with my first mince pie of the season.

  6. The kids in the school I work in get really creative with some of their hand drawn on their hand art