Saturday 17 September 2022

Week 37 of #Project365 10th - 16th September. A photo every day for a year!

The past week has been a strange one following the death of the Queen. I have felt quite sad about it all. I got to the point where I knew I had watched too much of the news, it was depressing me. I have been trying to keep myself busy and distracted which seems to be working, I have been in a much better mood over the last couple of days. 

This week has felt a lot chillier, fluffy socks have been worn and jumpers have been brought out. Yesterday was the first time that I've worn a jumper outside in ages. At the moment we are nowhere near putting the heating on. We still have blankets to get out before that happens.  

Now for a photo every day!

My girls and apples and pears
Pear crumble and apple pie
My youngest and a messy living room
My girls and berries

253/365 - 10th September
Becky's birthday and we didn't do much apart from go to the pub for a few games of pool and get a takeaway. She had a great day though. It just seems the older the kids get the less they want to do for their birthdays.

254/365 - 11th September
My dad dropped some apples and pears off. They came off his fruit trees. I saw the trees yesterday and the apples are even bigger now. 

255/365 - 12th September
I made pear crumble and an apple pie. They were both so good. 

256/365 - 13th September
Ellie came in from being out with her friends and I took this photo so she could see the difference in the colour of her arms and hands. Her arms caught the sun during the summer but not her hands, she walks around with her hands in her jeans or tracksuit bottoms.

257/365 - 14th September
I decided to change the living room around and stopped and sat down half way through. I did not want to get back up and finish the job that I had started. I did though.

258/365 - 15th September
Now the living room has changed around I get to see both of my girls at the same time ignoring me while they're on their computer and laptop. lol Like someone said at least they're in the same room as me, it's not all bad.

259/365 - 16th September
The hedgerows are filling up with berries which is a sure sign that Autumn is here and winter is coming!

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  1. I've not been watching but have been reading everything about the queen's stuff online. It is quite hard to avoid. Love Ellie's tan mark. N has white 'socks' and t shirt marks.

  2. I've been hooked on the news too and I know it's not good for me. I couldn't stop following the updates about The Queue even though I had no intention of joining it! It's got so cold here too. My husband was away for the weekend while the rest of us shivered at home in blankets, as soon as he got in he went and turned on the heating for an hour because it was so cold! It felt far too early to put it on, especially when it's so expensive, but the temperature has definitely dropped significantly. I love the look of your crumble and pie!

  3. Wish Ilived nearer and could share in the spoils of the apples and pears from your dad's trees. I felt the same way about the TV coverage on the news and did end up switching off when it got too much. Can't believe it's all over and done with now.

  4. Happy birthday Becky. It is definitely chillier in the mornings, but we are still in t-shirts here

  5. I'm glad Becky had a fab birthday. Our apple tree had no apples this year! No apple pie for us... Definitely colder all of a sudden and now wearing socks daily #project365

  6. Happy belated birthday to Becky. Glad she had a good day. The pear crumble and apple pie look yummy. I’ve just harvested some apples from my in-laws trees and need to make crumble. The photo showing the difference in colour between Ellie’s arms and hands made me smile. #project365