Friday 30 September 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Blogtober! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Blogtober is where bloggers from all over the world publish a post every day during the month of October. They also link up with other bloggers who are also taking part to share the love. I have taken part in Blogtober since 2016, following the prompts and I think it was last year when there were no prompts we all met up in the group and supported each other and still posted every day.

I was very excited to a month ago see that the Facebook Blogtober group change their name from Blogtober 2021 to Blogtober 2022 which meant that Blogtober was going ahead. Over the last week the lovely Jenny who blogs at Midwife & Life added a list of prompts to use. There is of course no pressure, you don't have to use them and can use your own prompts or can but in a different order. I will be swapping a couple of the prompts around just to fit with things I post every week like meal planning Monday.

List of Blogtober prompts

The prompt list is:

1. 10 things you don't know about me.
2. Best books to read in October.
3. Autumn bucket list.
4. Autumn decor loves.
5. Day in the life.
6. Mental health (mental health awareness week).
7. Gratitude list.
8. Autumn fashion loves.
9. October / Season goals.
10. Eco Halloween.
11. What are you scared of?
12. My favourite bloggers.
13. Winter comfort foods.
14. Halloween events in your area.
15. How I practice self care.
16. Journal prompts.
17. Favourite drinks.
18. Halloween on a budget.
19. Rainy day ideas.
20. Favourite Halloween/ autumn recipes.
21. Autumn/ winter roundup.
22. Favourite side hustles.
23. Anything pumpkin.
24. Autumn winter skincare.
25. Halloween costumes.
26. Autumn/ Halloween crafts.
27. My Halloween traditions.
28. Anything apple.
29. Favourite scary films.
30. Pumpkin carving.
31. Happy Halloween round up of the month.

I publish a new blog post every day anyway so that isn't much of a challenge for me to blog every day but writing to fit in with the prompts is. I enjoy the challenge and I think of out the whole list there is just one prompt I won't be using, Journal Prompts. That one has me stumped, although I have said that about prompts over the years and then came up with something at the last minute.
On Monday when the prompts appeared my family thought I was mad. I was so excited but they understand that I love blogging in October. hehehe It gives me the chance to write about things that I wouldn't normally and find new blogs to follow and old one's that I've lost touch with. Over the last few days I have been a busy bee writing blog posts and I am having great fun. I want to get as many 
scheduled as possible and when I have finished posts for October I can start writing blog posts for the run up to Christmas. hehehe

If you want to join in, join the Facebook group which I linked above. It is a friendly bunch of people and there really isn't any pressure to blog every day in October.

Have you taken part in Blogtober before?

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  1. I haven't done Blogtober for a few years. To be honest, I don't really blog personal stuff anymore and I think it's about time I started again. Thanks for sharing this, Kim. I'm going to join in this year and I'm going to make a start right now! :o)

  2. I wasn't going to do Blogtober this year because I've just not had the time lately to blog as much as I'd wish, but now you have me excited. It's always a great thing to take part in. x

  3. Oh so fun! These are some great blogging prompts too.

  4. We have never done Blogtober but may start this year! It sounds fun and a nice way to revive our blog as we have definiteley been neglecting it in favour of our Youtube channel. No wonder our DA is falling, lol. I like the idea of the prompts although I wouldn't do the halloween stuff. Thanks for the idea and I hope it goes well for you. I hope to read some more blogs too!

  5. Wow! This is great and it sounds like fun. I have never heard of blogtober before, I’ll have to pop over to the Facebook group and have a look.