Wednesday 7 September 2022

(Ad - Gifted) Cheatwell Games Top It from Zatu Games - Review!

We seem to spend less time together as a family during the summer on an evening so when the darker nights draw in and Saturday night TV gets good again we like to spend a Saturday night together playing games whether it be on the computers or a good old fashioned board game.

Recently we were sent the Cheatwell Games Top It from Zatu Games to try out. My family is very competitive and now that my girls are older it's every man or woman for themselves. lol

Cheatwell Games Top It from Zatu Games

In this edge of your seat party game you race to place your cones on letter discs whilst calling out examples to teasing topics. But beware, any other player can Top It with another answer and place their cone on top of yours! Only the last cone counts and bags all the points!

In the box is 76 Top It double sided topic cards, 60 coloured cones in 6 colours, 18 letter discs, a 60 second sand timer, a pencil, a scoring pad and a set of rules.

Letter cards Top It
Topic cards Top It

For ages 10+ and up to 6 players the rules are simple to pick up. Players are each given 10 cones of the same colour, then 9 letter discs are laid out and a topic card is turned over. The timer is flipped and everyone plays at once, racing to name something that fits the topic and begins with of the 9 letters on show putting their cone on that letter. However if someone thinks of something starting with the same letter after you, they can then Top-It with their own coloured cone and the colour at the top wins the points. There is bonus points to be had if you end up with your coloured cone on 3 cards in a row which adds to the excitement. The winner is the first to get to 50 points.

Top It board game

The age says for 10 years and above but I think younger kids could easily join in as long as you take it easy on them. Most of the topics are really easy to come up with answers for but it is funny how your mind can go blank when you are asked to name something beginning with a certain letter. "Things that are brown" really got me stumped. hehehe.

It is a lot of fun to play and can get quite noisy with everyone shouting over the top of each other but the chaos adds to the fun of the game! 60 seconds really doesn't seem that long when playing. I can see this becoming a firm favourite as it was so simple to set up and play. 

You can buy this game for £18 from Zatu Games. I think it is well worth the price, especially with the colder months just around the corner when you will be spending more time at home.

We were sent Cheatwell Games Top It from Zatu Games free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. I love a good card game, this looks fun x