Saturday 25 February 2023

A photo every day for a year! 18th - 24th February. Week 8 of #Project365

 I will be glad when Tuesday comes around and Stu is back at work, I need a break. lol I had Ellie at home last week for half term and this past week Stu has been off work and we've been so busy doing things around the house. The insulation has been put up in the living room and Ellie's bedroom is just about decorated. We know now we took too much on in one week, I am past the point of being stressed and I am at the stage now where the chaos is not bothering me. I am sure it will all be sorted by the time Stu goes back to work on Tuesday.

Now for a photo every day!

My youngest tidying her room and Hamilton
Before the work started in the living room
Most of the work finished in the living room
Space wallpaper and mini eggs
Everything from my youngest girls bedroom in my bedroom

49/365 - 18th February
I had been telling Ellie all week that she needed to sort her bedroom, pack everything up so her dad could clear it ready for decorating. She got halfway through and said she was done, nope! It was a big I told you so moment, I'd like to hope in future she'll listen to me when I suggest an easier way to do do something.

50/365 - 19th February
We had a day of watching musicals. The Greatest Showman and Evita. We were then going to watch Les Mis but I couldn't find it for free on any of the TV things that we have so Ellie convinced me to watch Hamilton! It's so good, I now understand all the hype about it.

51/365 - 20th February
Just as the work started on the living room wall. We were getting insulated plasterboards put up as the wall has no insulation and it's so cold.

52/365 - 21st February
All the boards were up and stuck in place. The last one above the window had to be held up with poles. It's already so much warmer in here.

53/365 - 22nd February
Work started on Ellie's bedroom. She always picks the hardest wallpaper to hang. It does look pretty cool though, she is happy with it and that is all that matters.

54/365 - 23rd February
It's that time of year! Mini Eggs! Yum, yum! I was going to get a bigger bag but they had sold out. Hmmf.

55/365 - 24th February
I am trying to ignore the chaos. The contents of Ellie's room is in my bedroom so we can put the new carpet down.

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  1. Thisiswhereitisat25 February 2023 at 17:38

    I love mini eggs, but have you tried the trend from tiktok putting them in the microwave they are so yum X

  2. The big bags of mini eggs are dangerous - I always end up eating way more than I should. Glad things are progressing with Ellie's room

  3. It sounds like chaos in your house at the moment, glad to hear the plaster boards are making your home feel warmer already. Mmmmm mini eggs, have you eaten them all? I would've by now

  4. Wow that does sound like a busy week. Lovely to have a day watching musicals. We saw Hamilton in the West End last year – it is amazing. Love the wallpaper Ellie chose for her room. Hope that things are now less chaotic in your house. I always struggle with the chaos that comes with home improvement projects! #project365

  5. Oh gosh it does sound like a busy week! I have not watched Hamilton. That wall paper looks pretty cool! I need to get some mini eggs.

  6. My husband and Eliza watched hamilton whilst I was away and now I am constantly subjected to the songs - I need to watch it

  7. We haven't seen Hamilton just a song or two out of contect on musical shows on the TV, must get around to watching the whole thing! #project365

  8. I'm glad your house is feeling warmer. I have never watched Hamilton. Wow that wallpaper! It is amazing and very colourful. Glad I didn't have to put it up #365