Tuesday 28 February 2023

When my youngest applied for college.

When Becky applied for college I did most of the form filling as when she applied we were still living in Northumberland so it made sense for me to do everything as it took a lot of planning as she wouldn't be going to the open days or having an interview along with all the other school leavers because by the time we had moved house to Scunthorpe the college was shut for the summer. It all worked out well, she had an interview during the summer holidays and started along with everyone else in September.

My youngest girls school photo

Ellie is leaving school in June, after her GCSE exams and will be starting college in September. Eek! I still can't get my head around the fact my baby is growing up. Things have been a little different with her applying for college.

One day at school Ellie and her friend decided to take it upon themselves to apply for college. I wasn't happy. We had a quick look at the courses over the previous months of courses that she might want to study but she hadn't decided on anything. She said she had filled the forms in properly but had given them her phone number and her school email address.

I was going to give it until the end of February to chase things up but Ellie actually got an email at the start of February inviting her for an interview. She had to email back to confirm that she would be attending and I took that chance to take control. I know Ellie is getting older and has to stand on her own two feet but I know from Becky applying to college that there is a lot of paperwork to do, forms to fill in, finance and uniform to sort and lots of other things. A lot of it Ellie would need my help with anyway so it makes sense to use my email, plus when she leaves school she won't have access to her school email.

 I also found out what course she had applied for, an Electrical Engineering one which looking at it seems the best one for her. I am so glad she chose well.

This qualification has been developed to provide learners with an intermediate knowledge and understanding of the practices and processes of engineering technology. It covers knowledge, understanding and skills that are relevant to a wide variety of careers and study routes and take a hands on approach to basic engineering training

Ellie and I have had words, she now understands that she needs to talk things through with Stu and I before she decides on big things like this by herself. Thankfully it all worked out OK, this time.

Ellie is excited and I am excited for her. A couple of days after we confirmed that she would be going for her interview she received a little package from the college with a pencil case, a pen, a highlighter and a Freddo bar. 

Have you got kids going to college? What will they be studying?


  1. Sending a big congratulations to Ellie! I hope all goes well with her interview. They grow up so fast don't they? Sam started uni two days ago and he said that he liked it. We've all been so busy that we haven't had a chance to talk properly. But I'm hoping to pin him down soon to get more details.

  2. It seems like a hundred years ago when I applied for college. I applied at several places with the help of the high school Guidance Counselor. My mother helped too. Good luck Ellie in your college life. It's an amazing time and you learn so much.

  3. Ahh I can't believe she is ready for college! We had a lot of discussions re future careers here and decided that Olivia couldn't leave school to do a course she had only been interested in for a short time.
    We agreed on a levels first then college. I hope everything goes well for ellies college application

  4. So glad it all worked out in the end! Thankfully my kids are great about keeping us in the loop/asking for help especially when it comes to college. But they already know that all the financial aid paperwork is for mom! LOL

  5. Sounds like a good course to give a good base understanding. My nephew did an engineering apprenticeship at the same age, and loved it, now has his degree and is on his second job at 23! He's earning similar to me and I don't earn terrible money although I do work for a charity. I'd like N to opt for the same route, as he's quite interested in that kind of thing, but it's so hard to get those type of apprenticeships now because so many people want them

  6. How times flies! Now your baby is ready for college. Yes, she should keep you in the loop, but great it worked out well. Good luck to her with the interview! (I hated the electricity subjects in physics at school, in fact anything to do with electricity terrified me. :) )

  7. Aw, so glad that all turned out OK in the end. I can't believe Ellie is going to college, our kids need to stop growing up so quickly.
    It only seems 5 minutes since your girls were teeny tiny! I remember all of your older blog posts and reviews with Becky & Ellie looking so young, now they are all grown up, leaving school and working full time! It's crazy. They are both lovely girls, a real credit to you and Stu. Ellie will smash college! xx