Friday 10 February 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Brighter! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Happy Friday! This past week has really flown over considering we are heading into half term. This is the week that usually drags but half term seems to have came around really quickly this year. This week my Word of the Week is brighter for many reasons. 

I had a few weeks of feeling pretty rubbish and down, it started when I got my contraceptive implant changed and the doctors messed me around, the weather was rubbish and I just felt pretty meh about everything. I have been trying to pull myself out of that rut and I have finally done it and this week my mood has been brighter and I have got my motivation back. I feel so much better than I have over the past few weeks. I am putting it down to the January blues.

The brighter weather has really helped my mood and motivation, I've even managed to get washing dried on the line a few days this week. Having an almost empty washing basket really makes me happy. I saw on my Facebook memories that 2 years ago this week we had snow. Eek! At the moment it feels like spring is on it's way so I am hoping now the chance of snow has passed. I am sitting here now with all of the windows open, I can hear birds singing and people milling about outside. It makes me feel content and happy.

There are plenty of signs of spring showing and the days are getting longer. Ellie is now able to go and hang out with friends on an evening, she still has to be back by about half past five when it's coming in dark but at least she's getting that chance to go out. She said to me that in a few weeks she'll be able to stay out until 7pm and I said we'll see. I still want her to have time to eat and do some revision for her GCSE's.

I have got some supplies for the garden and I am planning on what to plant and when. Ellie has agreed to help me sort the garden out over half term as long as I take her for a Starbucks which is fine with me, it seems like a good deal. We have all the flowerbeds to clear and the grass could do with cutting. I am also going to ask my dad to do a trip to the tip with some rubbish we have in the garden which can't go in the garden wheelie bin.

It turns out Ellie is brighter than anyone expected. A couple of years ago she was predicted to scrape a 2 in her English GCSE which is an E or F, with the help of an amazing teacher and a lot of hard work she is now doing practice papers and is getting 5's and 6's which are C's and B's. She's expected to get more passes at grade 4 and above than below! I am almost regretting telling Ellie that we will pay her for any GCSE pass. I think we are going to be giving her about £60 at the moment. lol I would love the chance to speak to her old year 6 teacher who was so worried about Ellie going to secondary school and say just look at her now. The only subject that is letting her down is Geography, she hates that lesson because it was one that she didn't choose, she wanted to do history but it would have clashed with engineering and that was always her first choice of GCSE.

We are really looking forward to half term. We have a shopping trip and trip to the cinema planned and we're going to sort out the memory boxes, the garden and the cup cupboard. Ellie is not that sentimental so will help me get rid of all the random cups which we don't use. hehehe

How has your week been? I hope you've had a good one.

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  1. I'm loving the lighter evenings too. Still bitterly cold and frosts here, but I can cope if I can see blue sky. The birds are building up their dawn chorus which is always a good sign. Well done Ellie on improving her grades. It's funny how it clicks and the right teacher can make a world of difference. I must get a few more seeds in trays this weekend. The growing season will soon be here. Hope you have fun outting the odd mugs and the likes, this week.

  2. Good to hear that you are feeling brighter. It’s a hard during winter to stay motivated and positive. I really struggle especially during the last month when it just feels like it’s gone on forever. We’ve had really hot days over here and the sun is rising a bit later which is always a sign that Autumn is coming 😩. I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer. I never am!! It’s so great that Ellie is doing so well. Some teachers can be insensitive. There’s a teacher my oldest son had who was like this and said something that really stung during a parent teacher interview. I wish I could tell this teacher that Luke finished his degree and got a job!

  3. I am also loving the brighter days and all the signs that herald the return of Spring! Way to go Ellie! You show 'em girl :D Half term can't come soon enough for me :) Karen - Early Rising Mum

  4. Well done Ellie you must be so proud of her, I hope you are saving up your pounds when she gets her grade :) xx

  5. We have been loving that the days are getting longer and our weather has been pretty mild this past week; I even hiked without a coat on Friday! You must be so proud of Ellie and all her hard work.

  6. Glad you are feeling brighter now. It is nice to get washing dried outside isn’t it and having an empty washing basket is such a good feeling – it’s been quite a while since I last saw the bottom of ours! Well done to Ellie on doing better than expected with her GCSE predictions. That's brilliant for her, although not quite so good from the perspective of having to pay her for GCSE passes!! Hope you are having a lovely half-term x #WotW

  7. Its so nice to read that you are feeling brighter. I must admit I feel like I have been stuck in a bit of a rut but nice weather really does help life the spirits. That's amazing news for Ellie. I have no idea how the numbers work. I will have to learn for my little lady. We will pass GCSEs with Ethan. I think he will do something else. I hope you had a good half term sorting things out #WotW