Tuesday 14 February 2023

Our House Rules.

Here we are another month of linking up with the Not Just A Mom ladies and this month's prompts is: House Rules!


I racked my brain trying to think up the rules that we have in our house and to be honest there are not that many. Most of the rules fall under the common sense category like shut doors when you leave a room to keep the heat in especially during the colder months, make sure you flush the toilet, wash the bath out after you've used it, shoes off at the front door, scrape your plate when you've finished eating and if you're the last one in or out of the house lock the door.

I try to keep us organised as a family and we will always prepare as much as we can the night before school or work. Sunday's are always fun. Baths, ironing uniforms, making packed lunches and things like that. It's the rule that everything is done before we sit down on an evening to relax.

I think the biggest rule I have with my girls that they always try to break and bend is that there is no food or drinks upstairs. The only exception is that they can take a bottle of water up to bed. The amount of times I have caught them trying to take a bottle of coca cola, fizzy pop or even juice upstairs is unreal.

Most of the rules that we have in our house revolve around my girls. They're 20 and 15 years old so I have to make rules to keep them safe and make our home run smoothly. I think I am a pretty relaxed parent when it comes to rules. I tend to say yes to more things than I say no to. A few years ago my girls wanted to dye their hair so we compromised, only during the summer holidays and only the ends of their hair. I find that compromise is a big part of parenting a teenager and young adult.

My girls with dyed hair

I think the biggest rules we have are about mobile phones. Ellie does not take her mobile phone to bed with her. I really don't want her texting, looking at social media or scrolling through TikTok when she's supposed to be sleeping. The same rule used to apply to Becky but she's old enough to know better now. If she wants to spend her night looking at her phone she'll be tired in the morning. We stay off our mobile phones when we're eating or spending time as a family and if the girls go out their volume has to be turned up. I don't know what it is about the youth of today who always have their phone on silent. 

Both of my girls know the rules about social media. Don't add people that you don't know in real life, don't send photos you wouldn't want your Grandad to see, hehehe, don't give out personal information and don't buy things off unreliable websites. Becky learned that lesson the hard way when she ordered some clothes and it was a dodgy website who were going to just take her money without sending anything until I stepped in to help her get her money back.

If the girls go out I need to know where they're going, who with, when they will be home and how they are getting home. I always like to know who they are with, I don't like them going out with friends which I have never met. They are pretty good at staying in touch when they are out. Ellie has been grounded a few times for going further afield than she should and then losing track of time.

What rules do you have for your teenagers or young adults?

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  1. Whew, teenager rules are a different story! So many things to worry about to keep them safe but also teach consequences! I'm not looking forward to that.

  2. We had similar expectations about having the phone turned on/up when you go out, not bringing the phone to the table, being very cautious on social media etc. The hardest one to enforce was being on their phones at night - their phones were their alarm clocks! Basic respect and courtesy for the people you live with is the principle on which we based the rules for our teens and young adults, and it seemed to work.

  3. I think our rules are very similar to yours but the girls are allowed tablets in their rooms at night. It's their bad if they are tired the next day. I tend to pop in and check and Boo is always asleep quite early but Star stays up real late. The Little Man still has light out and devices off and a proper bedtime. My girls don't go out much, but when Boo goes to see her friend she's usually very careful. (I usually worry a lot because her friend is trans. and it scares me so much, so I'm always texting her.) No-one is allowed phones at dinner time, that really bugs me. xx

  4. Funny - my younger son uses a bathroom separate from my older two because of where their rooms are. My older son recently hung up a sign in the younger one's bathroom saying to flush the toilet! I also don't allow food in their rooms. My son was taking hot chocolate in his and always leaving the mug behind. That's not allowed! As for social media, I think my kids know the rules around that, but it's always smart to make sure and check up on them!

  5. It’s so true that compromise is the way to go when parenting teens. As well as picking your battles. I like the rule of having your phone turned up when they’re out. Thankfully Sam is pretty good at answering his phone and checking in. My older son always had his phone on silent and it used to make me so annoyed!

  6. Pretty similar rules here, apart from the kids do nothing to help around the house! My daughter just leaves her plate on the table, usually with food on it. She is allowed to have her phone in bed with her. She's very good at not looking at it at night though. I like the don't send any pictures you wouldn't show your grandad rule!