Wednesday 1 February 2023

(Ad - Gifted) Dantoy's I'm Green baking set! - Review!

My girls have always loved baking. As soon as they could stand and understand instructions I had them in the kitchen baking biscuits and cupcakes. When they weren't in the kitchen they used to love pretend play, playing with play-doh and sand using kitchen accessories. Most were cheap, plastic sets which didn't last and were no good for our environment. I wish Dantoy had been around back then. Recently we were sent the Dantoy's I'm Green baking set to have a look at. 

Dantoy's I'm Green baking set

Bake up something special with Dantoy's I'm Green baking set is the perfect way for your children to have fun and learn about the environment at the same time! Crafted with environmentally friendly bioplastic this set has all the tools children need to create delicious treats. With a rolling pin, cookie cutters, cupcake moulds and more. Your children can use their imagination to bake up something special whether it's a birthday cake or a batch of cookies for a special occasion, this baking set will provide hours of creative fun while teaching kids about sustainability and eco friendly living.

Dantoy's Baking Set

Dantoy's "I'm Green" PE bioplastic is made from at least 90% sugarcane ethanol, which is a renewable source of energy. This plastic is not only better for the environment, but it also has many other benefits such as being lightweight and durable. Furthermore, it can be recycled up to 7 times and can be used to create products that are safe for children. With it's many advantages, bioplastic is quickly becoming the preferred choice for many companies looking to reduce their plastic waste.

Coming in a recycled carboard box this set consists of 11 parts. 2 bowls, a whisk, cookie cutters and a rolling pin. It has everything that a little baker would need to get started. Everything is just the right size for little hands.

I'm Green baking set

This set can be used from two years old for pretend play or real baking, it is easy to clean and it is dishwasher safe.

We are big fans of anything from Dantoy and we just love this set. Obviously my girls are a little old to benefit from the fine motor skills and imaginative role play that this encourages but it's going to be passed on to someone who will use it and love it too. It will go perfectly with the Dantoy Ice Cream Kit that I previously featured here on my blog. This set costs £21.00 and can be bought from Coolshop.

I was sent the Dantoy's I'm Green baking set free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. This sounds so cool! I'm pretty sure my oldest niece, who is three, would love this set.

  2. What a great baking set. The cutters have some really nice clear shapes too. I find that with some cutters it's hard to distinguish what they are. And then the cookies come out like blobs.

  3. My kids would have loved this when they were younger. I bet my little great nephew would love it now, he's just the right age x

  4. Thisiswhereitisat2 February 2023 at 15:43

    What a good piece of baking kit x