Wednesday 8 February 2023

What I am planning to grow this year.

A few weeks ago I saw that Wilko's were having a sale on their seeds, buy 2 packs and get a 3rd free so I got stocked up ready for spring. Last year I did well in the garden, I had lots of flowers, tomatoes and of course a few pumpkins which I am so proud of.

Wilko seed packets

Last year I bought a mini greenhouse and it was brilliant, I think it really helped with the growing so I bought another one so I can grow more.

I have my usual packs of mixed flowers, I especially like the mixed boxes which contain something like 23000 seeds in 14 different varieties. There is always a good mix and they grow really well.

This year I am planning on growing the usual sunflowers, flowers, tomatoes, pumpkins and strawberries. Every year I try to grow strawberries but I've had no success, this year is going to be the year. I have bought seeds and also I have bought some strawberry salva plants which are said to be very easy to grow. 

Vegetable seeds

I have never tried to grow Brussel Sprout's before and I am a fan of them despite the kids hating them but come to think of it I hated sprouts when I was a kid too. If I time it right we could be having home grown sprouts on our Christmas dinner. These seeds are British bred and produce heavy crops of large tasty buttons from early autumn onwards. Sow indoors from February to March or outdoors from March to April for harvest between September to December. 

Peppers are something which I have tried to grow in the past but have got the plants but no actual peppers. These can be grown in an unheated greenhouse or outdoors in a warm sheltered spot.

Packets of seeds

Cucamelon are totally new to me! Cucamelon Seeds produce fruits that are the size of grapes but have the taste of cucumber mixed with a touch of lime. Resembling tiny watermelons, they're easy to grow. Sow indoors between April and May ready to harvest between July and October.

I always do well with sunflowers, I bought some seeds last year and they grew to about 5ft 7, they were taller than me. lol

Veg seeds

I have learned things from planting and growing pumpkins last year. I know now that you need a lot of room, more than I allocated and they can take over your garden. Sow indoors from March to April or outdoors in May ready to harvest from September to November, just in time for Halloween!! 

I am very excited to try growing sweetcorn, I had never seen seeds for it until this year. The seeds produce very sweet corns, which is perfect for picking and eating fresh from the garden. Sow indoors from March to May or outdoors in May, ready to harvest from August to September. The average pack contains 40 seeds.

Cucumbers are something else which I have got the plant but no actual cucumbers. With a good tolerance to cold and to mildew, they're ideally suited to growing outdoors. Sow indoors from February to May or outdoors from May to June, ready to harvest from July to October. 
Writing this blog post has made me realise that it's February now so I better get planting. I will start some indoors, I can see my kitchen windowsill being full of pots over the next couple of weeks. lol

What are you planning on growing this year?


  1. Carrots, onions, tomatoes and lots of flowers.

  2. I can understand your desire to get going but being as far north as you are I would recommend that you didn't rush to plant too many seeds. I would wait until at least March especially the tender things like cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet corn , peppers and any half hardy flowers seeds because it is possible to have frosts as late as May.
    A keen gardener in Nottinghamshire

  3. Cucamelons?! I've never heard of those but they sound good. Looks like you have a really nice variety here.

  4. You are going to be busy, what an amazing selection of seeds! I always do tomatoes which turn out well and this year my daughter has requested that we grow some broccoli so I have some seeds ready to plant in a few weeks!

  5. Thisiswhereitisat9 February 2023 at 16:15

    Wow your fingers are going be busy this year, look forward to seeing the progress X

  6. Good luck with your planting. I should follow your example and use some of the seeds I have and maybe get new ones too. Last year I bought some tomato plants and they proved to be very productive, albeit much bigger than I was expecting. I might do the same this year, get some plants from a nursery, besides what I will plant.
    Growing your own food is so rewarding. xx

  7. Good luck. I think a greenhouse is a great idea, I might get one myself. I did manage to grow some strawberries last year, but in pots, my garden is not very good for growing. We do have three little trees though, I had them planted to help soak up the extra water we get from being lower down that the surrounding gardens. x

  8. Wow your garden is going to be amazing! I love the variety of vegetables and flowers. I tried growing pumpkins a few years ago but just got a very long vine and that’s it. I did have success with tomatoes and zuchinni but that’s because my husband took over looking after them. He’s not much of a gardener but I’m a million times worse. Happy planting! Xx