Tuesday 27 February 2024

Irrational fears that I have.

 I am one of those people who always thinks the worst scenario about things, I go though all of the what if's. Most things that I think about will never happen but it doesn't stop me thinking. I thought I would share those fears, partly to get them out there and partly to find some reassurance and for someone to say I am not the only one who worry's about silly things like these. Don't worry, these things are not things that I think about all of the time but do cross my mind once in a while.


I always worry that I am going to fall down the stairs when I am in the house alone. Our stairs are quite steep and there is about 13 stairs straight down with the shoe rack at the bottom and a little square before the front door. On the off chance I can ring someone to come and help me with my mobile that I might have in my hand, how will they get in because the chances are I would be up against the front door. I've never fallen down the stairs since I was a child or even came close.

I have a fear of accidentally sending a text message to the person I'm complaining or moaning about or not actually hanging up the phone and saying something which should not be heard by the other person. I have never done this before and I am really careful so I doubt it could happen but what if it did?.

This one is really morbid but what happens to my blog if I died? I have given Stu instructions to write a blog post saying I am no longer hear and what happened. I would like people to know if it happened suddenly and not wonder where I went or speculate on what happened but I don't think he would check to see if I had posts scheduled. For example I have a couple scheduled for later this year, would that freak you out reading someone had died and then seeing a post months later about something Autumn or Christmas related. lol

I am always scared of the power going off and not coming back on at all! How would we cope, mostly without lights, the TV, blogs and TikTok!!

What if robots took over the world. I think I have watched the Terminator films too many times and the technology today is getting way too clever especially the A.I things. If the world could just chill out with how fast we are pushing things that would be good.

I always get a fear that when I go to the loo in the middle of the night when I am coming back upstairs someone will come behind me and grab my legs. It will never happen but I always run like my life depends on it.

I have always said that I want to be cremated when I die but what if my family decide to bury me and I am not really dead? I am totally blaming Buffy the Vampire Slayer for this fear.

When I bring the washing in from off the line outside I am always scared that a wasp has flown up into the arm or a sweater or the leg or some trousers and then I put them on and get stung. I don't do well with wasp stings. A sting won't kill me but I am allergic to them and swell up badly. I always make sure to shake everything, a lot so the chances of this happening is slim.

When I pay for something using my bank card I always panic that it won't work and I have to walk away leaving a basket of what I have picked up. My fear isn't even that I won't have money in the bank because I always check before I leave the house but it just not working at all.

What irrational fears do you have?


  1. Yes I have a lot of these. Although I don’t think the AI one is actually irrational at all.

  2. That's quite a list you have here. I can remember getting a card in the mail with handwriting I didn't recognize. It was from the daughter of someone I exchanged Christmas cards with every year. She was writing, on her mother's instructions, to everyone on her mother's Christmas card list to let us know that she had died.

  3. Oh I can relate to several of these! I don't know what would happen to my blog if I died, my husband (and my children for that matter) would be able to work out how to log in and write a post but I'm not sure that he would think to do it! When I go to the loo in the night I have a fear of looking in the mirror, it must be to do with a horror story or something from when I was little. When I wash my hands I keep myself to the side so that I'm not directly in front of the one over the sink!

  4. I fear every single one of these from your list! I thought that I was the only one who'd ever thought of all those scary possibilities and I feel better now as I don't think they are irrational at all. LOL!

  5. I can relate to these. What is it about going up the stairs at night? I fly up them haha.
    I also hate bare windows at night. I have to have the curtains closed. I have watched far too many slashers with the bad guy staring back through the window.
    You know how I feel about wasps too. I think you checking the clothes is a good thing to do.
    The blog thing would be awkward. Craig has access to all of my passwords though so he could log on. He would have to host #MMBC anyway hehe. xx