Sunday 4 February 2024

Week 5 of #Project365 28th Jan - 3rd Feb! A photo every day for a year!

I am so happy that we are in February. I have had a good week, I have just been plodding along quite happily. Yesterday my Word of the Week was Self-Care and I think it shows through my photos. 

I had a nice day yesterday, my nephew's mum popped around for a catch up. It's been ages since we saw each other so it was lovely to have a chat. Before my family moved to near Scunthorpe we had planned to meet up all the time and then the virus and life just got in the way. We have promised to make more time in the future. 

We have no plans for the rest of the weekend. Our favourite place to eat is still closed because they basically can't afford to open at this time of year so I'm going to have to cook some sort of Sunday dinner. Hmmf.

Now for a photo every day!!

Bath and new nails
Me and GCSE certificates
Youngest dying her hair
Chopped veg and yoghurt thing

28/365 - 28th January
I had a lovely soak in the bath. Since having the shower put in I haven't had many baths but sometimes it is nice to take the time and soak.

29/365 - 29th January
I did my nails. I knew I was going out the next day and had picked the colour to match my dress. I am certainly getting better at doing gel nails.

30/365 - 30th January
I got dressed up and Stu and I went for a mooch around town. We ended up having a late lunch out which felt like such a treat. It did mess with my meal planning though, we have been playing catch up with the Gousto meals since then.

31/365 - 31st January
We went to school to pick up Ellie's GCSE certificates. I said to her this will be the last time she has to go back to school. lol I keep saying that but we keep having to go back. She wants to put the certificates in frames as she's so proud of them.

32/365 - 1st February
Ellie dyed her hair. Cranberry Bliss the colour was this time and it turned out really well. I also gave her a hair cut, it's so much shorter than it was before but she kept telling me to cut more off. She does love it though!

33/365 - 2nd February
We had the curried winter veg soup from Gousto that was planned for earlier in the week. There was a lot of chopping with the sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, parsnips, normal potatoes and onions. It was so good, a really thick soup and there was way more than 4 portions! I bagged some up and put 3 portions in the freezer and that was after we all had it for tea and Stu took some to work.

34/365 - 3rd February
Ellie drove me insane the other day, we were looking for these tubs and she said they were granola and yoghurt. When you search online on a grocery website for granola these don't come up, because they're not granola, they're oats! lol I still didn't find them on the Asda website but she found them in Tesco and got herself a couple.

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  1. The soup sounds like it worked out well portion wise. Ellie's hair dye sounds nice. I'd like to try a really vibrant dye but I never think it'll take on my hair (maybe the grey bits!).

  2. Self care is so important. I'm glad you started with a soak in the tub. I love doing that. #MMBC

  3. love that colour of nail varnish do you know what it is. I want one like that

  4. Oh my! I thought your winter veggies was tofu until I read your description lol it does sound amazing and now I have a hankering for a thick wintery soup. Love the colour of your nails and your hair - amazing! x

  5. I love the sound of the soup. Also, your nails look so pretty. I should buy a red nail polish (I don't do gel, it's too complicated).
    The idea of framing Ellie's GCSE certificates is lovely. She should be proud.

  6. How lovely that you had the opportunity for so much self care - try to keep it up! Ellie should definitely frame those GCSE certificates- it’s a huge achievement, well done!

  7. Self care is so important, I don't have baths that often, but its so lovely to have a proper soak. Cranberry bliss sounds like a lovely colour

  8. Can’t beat a nice bubble bath. Love the nail colour. How lovely to get dressed up and have a day out with Stu. Sounds like you had a lovely time. How lovely for Ellie to have her GCSE certificates and be so proud of them. Glad her new hair colour turned out well. #project365

  9. I love a good soak in the bath. You've done a good job painting your nails, I can never paint my right hand neatly. Good to hear her she was pleased with her new hair colour and cut.