Saturday 24 February 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Watching! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I always have the TV on in the background when I am doing other things and for the last few months I have been watching Grey's Anatomy but I finished that and I have had to find new things to watch. On Sunday I spent a good half hour looking through Netflix and Disney+ to find something new to watch and nothing was taking my fancy until I spotted One Day!

I started the week watching One Day on Sunday and finished it on Monday. lol, the series off Netflix. One Day tells the story of Emma and Dexter who on 15th July 1988, the night of their graduation speak for the very first time. The next morning, they go their separate ways but where will they be on this one ordinary day the next year, and the year after that, and every year that follows! Each episode finds Dexter and Emma one year older, they grow and change, move together and apart and experience joy and heartbreak. I am not going to spoil it but it is such a rollercoaster of a show. I managed to avoid any spoilers so the ending was not what I expected. I am so glad I watched it.

Monday saw the start of a new series, Breathtaking the new Covid19 drama from ITV.  "Dr Abbey Henderson and her team struggle with the first wave of Covid-19 patients. Running out of PPE, staff, and beds, Abbey is forced to make difficult healthcare decisions as her colleagues begin to be infected with Covid-19. When lockdown is finally imposed, the pandemic stretches Abbey and the team to their limits.

I watched the first episode when it was shown on TV and binged the rest off ITVX. It made me so angry and sad. As normal people we think we have a good idea about what happened in hospitals but after watching shows like this I for one really don't. It was heart breaking but also infuriating that they had to follow so many rules from the government when the government didn't even have a clue what was going on! It's scary to think that my dad came so close to going into hospital when he had Covid, I dread to think what could have happened.

I have been so angry watching Coronation Street over the past couple of months with the bullying storyline. Poor Liam! My youngest Ellie was bullied at school and I think if we hadn't have moved house she could have been been like Liam, Googling how to harm themselves. I really feel for Marie, as a parent you do feel helpless especially if your child tries to deal with the bullying alone and I am so surprised Gary hadn't attacked Mason sooner. At least the majority of it is out in the open now but I have read that it isn't the end of the storyline.

So now I am rewatching Peaky Blinders, I saw Cillian Murphy on the BAFTA's on Sunday evening and it reminded me of what a great actor he is. I was sat here during the week on Thomas Shelby's wedding day and Becky was just on her way to bed but had to stay up and watch the "no fighting" speech that he does. hehehe She has never seen a full episode but catches bits when it's shown late on an evening when she's at work, she keeps meaning to watch it.

When I am done with Peaky Blinders I am going to watch Waterloo Road. Ellie has been watching it off the BBC iPlayer for a few weeks and is on the 5th series, Becky started watching it last week and is on the 2nd series so I think I need to watch it too as it's all they are talking about.

Tonight I am looking forward to watching Ant & Dec's Saturday night takeaway. It's the last series of it that they are doing which does make me sad but they deserve a break, this is the 20th series! Then after that we will watch The 1% Club. It's Becky's weekend off work so it will be a real family night in front of the TV. 

What have you been watching lately?

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  1. I've been trying to catch up with shows I recorded on my Sky Box! The last one was Monty Don's American Gardens. I don't seem to get much time for TV although One Day sounds good. Karen Early Rising Mum

  2. I am loving watching One Day! We are about halfway through but I've read the book several times so I know the story, although my husband doesn't. I love how the episodes are so short, although we usually end up watching a couple at a time, it would be very easy to sit down and watch the whole lot in one go if we had the time!

  3. I've been watching a lot lately too. I really enjoyed Black Cake on Disney+ but I had already read the book so knew the story. I've never watched Peaky Blinders I might give it a go, at least I'll understand their accents, lol. I don't watch Coronation Street, so I've no idea what has been going on. I did watch Breathtaking though, and I'm so glad that we isolated very early on because after seeing that poor woman with MS saying goodbye to her children I was thinking of how they wouldn't have treated me at that stage. By the time I did get Covid I went into hospital and they treated me with an anti-viral which worked within days. I'd also had two vaccinations by then. How things changed. It still scares me though as I have a scarred lung from it and I'm pretty sure that Boo has long Covid. xx

  4. One Day sounds good. I had to laugh at you saying you spent half an hour looking for something to watch. I'm just the same. Takes even longer when there is someone else to watch with. I keep on finding programmes axed after one series and made 10 years ago, so no chance to see where the characters are going. Infuriating.

  5. I was working when the pandemic began. I remember all the measures that were put into place, too many for some people, but my boss had a department meeting and laid it on the line with this phrase "What's the Why?". Why is it necessary to wear masks, social distance, sanitize, send vulnerable employees to work at home? The answer was what you mentioned in the new series you watched - the health care systems around the world were completely overwhelmed and whatever we could do to lessen the burden on their shoulders, we had to do.

  6. I look often at what is available to watch. I have Amazon Prime and several other streaming channels I like. The new month will be coming up and that means new shows! Enjoy your shows.

  7. We usually have the TV on when we are doing stuff too, but it's usually CRIME or Jamaican Youtubers. It's the nostalgia for us. And we are reminded of how beautiful the country is and we are seeing so many places of our little Island that we didn't get a chance to explore as we came here to teach. Anyway, we've also been watching Lord Sugar on The Apprentice. I only just heard this morning (Sunday) that Saturday Night Takeaway has started. We love that so we will go back to watching that. It's such a feel good thing usually. We will take your recommendation and start ONE DAY. The one about the Covid 19 sounds scary. We literally count our blessings that none of us in our household caught Covid.

  8. Sounds like you've been watching a lot of very interesting shows. One Day came up on Netflix and I nearly started to watch it but didn't. I think I will now! Sometimes I spend ages flicking from streaming services to regular TV channels and nothing appeals to me. The other day I started watching a show from Denmark about midwives and I've been really enjoying it. I've also been watching a reality show called 'Big Miracles'. It's about several couples struggling with infertility and the joy and heartbreak they experience trying to start a family. It's made me extra thankful to have been able to have kids!

  9. Sounds like you've been watching a lot of interesting TV shows. I don't watch much TV - I struggle with anything that would bring up any strong emotions so mostly stick to quiz shows or things I've either watched before or know the storyline of to avoid any potential triggers. I used to quite like Waterloo Road though.