Friday 16 February 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 7. #FridayFavourites

Happy Friday! This week has been a good one, my youngest has been off college for half term and my fella has taken a few days off work so we can have some family time. I am linking up with Erika and Andrea and sharing some of my favourites from the past week.

What I have loved this week

Getting a couple of appointments out of the way!
I have been worrying about a couple of appointments for the last few weeks but they happened this week and of course they were nothing to worry about, in fact for the first appointment I was waiting to see the person more than I was sat talking to the person, it was that straightforward.

The second appointment was my youngest girls hearing check that she has every year as she is deaf in one ear and they like to keep an eye on her good ear. It is routine for us but I still worry about it. Just over a year ago Ellie got hearing aids and to start with they were great but she has worn them less and less over the past year. She took the choice to return them to the hospital as she doesn't want them, she spent 15 years with her hearing loss and is used to it, hearing everything with the aids was just too much for her brain to take, that is how she has explained it which I do understand. 

Pancake Day!
It was Shrove Tuesday on Tuesday, the day for eating pancakes and we certainly did. We had about 4 each and were well and truly stuffed. I had one with nutella and 3 with lemon juice and golden syrup which in my opinion is the best topping.

Pancakes and Heron Food shop

A new food shop opening in town.
Everyone complains about the shops in our local town centre but I like them but what was missing was a cheap food shop and this opened this week. Heron Foods, I used to love shopping in Heron when we lived up north, you always seem to find random things in there which are not in other shops.

The Superbowl!
I never thought I would bother watching the Superbowl, I am sure it used to be on a lot later but the coverage started just before 11pm. I stayed up on Sunday evening to see what it was all about. I think the fact Taylor Swift was there supporting her boyfriend encouraged me to watch. I didn't have a clue what was happening and when I went to bed just before half time the team who won was actually losing.

On Monday I caught up with the half time show, I didn't know that I knew so many Usher songs. lol and I of course watched all of the commercials which I loved. The Uber Eats and the one with Jason Momoa were my favourites.

I finished Grey's Anatomy!
I have been rewatching Grey's Anatomy for the last few months and I finally finished it this week. I am not ready for the new series which starts next month which I am so excited about. I have read online that Arizona is coming back, she is one of my favourites. I do hope we get to hear about Callie who is also one of my favourites. Now what can I watch?

Valentine's Day/Week!
I know Valentine's Day is just one day but we seem to have been celebrating all week. The kids cooked me and Stu a meal on Monday evening. We had Ciabatta garlic bread for starters, chicken, ham and leek pie, mash and veg for the main course and chocolate orange dessert pots for dessert. It was nice having a night off from cooking and they did a great job.

Card and roses and afternoon tea

I surprised Stu with an afternoon tea on Valentine's day from Kettle and Crumb which we have used in the past, the food is always amazing! My fella surprised me with a hamper of all of my favourite things that he had put together. New pj's, bath bombs, chocolates, a cute cup and some biscuits. I also was surprised to receive a delivery of roses and a cute card. They really did make me smile and arrived just before I was due to leave for one of the dreaded appointments which really cheered me up.

Our favourite cafe reopening!
We like to go out for Sunday lunch most weeks and our favourite place to eat closed down for a few weeks just after they had an extended Christmas break. Local businesses have been struggling lately and I was starting to think it might not reopen but it has and they have new offers on and from this week they are offering home delivery which we might take advantage of, especially if it is rainy and cold and we don't fancy a walk out on a Sunday!

My youngest working with my dad!
Today my youngest is off to work with my dad. He has his own business and he needs an extra pair of hands so she's going to have something to occupy her time and earn a little pocket money. She loves spending time with her grandad and can't wait to spend time in his workshop tinkering with engines and power tools. Eek! 

Friday Favourites

What have you loved over the last week?


  1. Sounds like you've had a fun week, despite the anxieties. Great that your daughter will get some hands on with her granddad, nice way to learn more and make some cash too.

  2. That's great to hear that you got your appointments out of the way. They are always such a worry even when they're routine. I've got my thyroid checkup in a couple of weeks and while I'm not really worried I still get that sinking feeling when I think about it. Your Valentine's Day celebrations sound wonderful, Stu did a great job putting together such a nice hamper! I've never watched the Superbowl either because it's always live on a Monday and I'm at work. I would like to see one though, but I would have no clue what the game is about- a lot of running and crashing into each other, I think! Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. It sounds a relief that you've got the appointments out of the way. I'm never that keen when our calendar fills up with them.
    How nice of your girls to cook you and Stu a meal. Your hamper from Stu sounds lovely too! How thoughtful.
    I never watched the Superbowl nor have I ever watched Grey's Anatomy! I've seen you mention this a few times. I will have to add it to our list. xx

  4. Yay for getting appointments out of the way; I always dread them too. In America, pancakes are served with maple syrup (which I hate!) so I rarely eat any but I am intrigued with the toppings you mentioned. I have never ever watched the Superbowl, it's commercials, or the 1/2 time shows... but I always hear a lot about them the next day.