Wednesday 27 April 2022

A Traditional Afternoon Tea for 2 from Kettle & Crumb.

I have been meaning to publish this blog post for ages but haven't got around to it until now. 

I do love an afternoon tea and personally I don't think we have them often enough. They are a special occasion/treat thing and I thought Stu and I deserved a treat for Valentine's day. I had been saving my money up from doing Prolific surveys and I got it into my head we were going to have an afternoon tea so I spent a good half hour looking for one online and came across the website Kettle and Crumb. I hadn't heard of it before but the reviews were good and the food looked nice so it was the one to try.

A Traditional Afternoon Tea for 2 from Kettle & Crumb.

I decided on the Traditional Afternoon Tea for 2 which was £49.50 but I found a discount code online and got 10% off. It arrived safely and was packaged so well with everything in cardboard trays and cooler packs keeping everything fresh. All of the packaging is either reusable, recyclable or compostable.

The afternoon tea included:

Afternoon Tea Finger Sandwiches (10 fingers).


Scottish kiln smoked salmon with cracked black pepper cream cheese on rye.
British honey roast ham with lightly salted butter on classic white.
Roast chicken breast with tarragon mayonnaise & baby spinach on rye.
Free range egg mayonnaise with mustard cress on classic white.

Traditional British Savouries.

Savoury snacks

2 British pork & caramelised onion sausage rolls.
2 Smokey pork & chorizo sausage rolls.
2 Premium pork & Stilton sausage rolls.
4 Brie & sundried tomato quiche slices.



2 Sultana scones.
2 Roddas Cornish clotted cream.
2 Tiptree strawberry jam.



4 Irresistible carrot cake slices.
4 Zesty lemon drizzle slices.
4 Indulgent squidgy chocolate brownie slices.

Award winning tea from the Tea Makers of London.
2 Exquisite English breakfast.
2 Luxury first flush darjeeling.
2 Ceylon Earl Grey supreme.

The first thing which struck me was that everything looked so tasty. We left the food out in the kitchen for a little while to get back to room temperature before tucking in. I was a bit wary about the sandwiches as I was putting them on the plates they felt a little hard but within half an hour they felt fresh and tasted it too. I think my favourite thing from the whole selection of food was the Brie & sundried tomato quiche. It just melted in my mouth. Stu was rather taken with the sausage rolls although he didn't know which he was eating. I think things like that should come with little labels. hehehe They were all delicious though.

There was more than enough for two of us in the afternoon tea. It was well worth the money. We had it as an early evening meal and then the leftovers for supper. It could have easily fed 3 people or 2 adults and 2 children.

This was my half of the afternoon tea.

Kettle & Crumb is a company that I will use again for sure. The kids were out while we ate most of our afternoon tea so they only saw the photos and I think they will be a great treat for their birthdays.

The prices might be a little higher than some other suppliers of afternoon tea but Kettle & Crumb offer free delivery when lots of other companies can charge at least £5+ for their delivery. 

Do you like an afternoon tea? Have you heard of Kettle & Crumb?


  1. Wow! Doing the Prolific surveys really pays off, this looks really yummy! And it looks like you get a decent helping too. x

  2. We LOVE afternoon tea and how I wish there was somewhere here that did one to take away like this. We have a lack of tea rooms in general in our area of Washington unless you want to pay posh, posh prices. I usually end up making my own - the sandwiches I can do ok, the scones come frozen from our local British food shop, and the desserts come from a local gourmet bakery and since I'm only buying a couple, it's not too much of a splurge. I haven't seen a tea with savouries other than sandwiches but yours looked delicious and they certainly would go a long way to getting more than one meal out of your tea.