Saturday 9 April 2022

Week 14 of #Project365. 2nd - 8th April. A photo every day for a year!

There goes the first week of the Easter holidays and we have a week and a half left. It's been a good week, I haven't done much apart from watch Peaky Blinders. lol I feel so stupid for not watching it sooner, I only have a couple of episodes left to watch today. Hmmf. Becky has to return something back to a shop today and asked me what to say. She was not amused in my answer, "you have to give me the money back for this by order of the Peaky Blinders". hahaha I have been watching too much of it. 

I am sick of this weather, where's the sunshine? We have had it all again this week. Rain, sun, snow, sleet and a bit of wind. I have said as long as it's not raining we are doing some work in the garden on Monday! It needs weeding, digging and generally tidying up.

Now for a photo every day!

My eldest and an ice cream
My youngest and my eldest
Black Pudding Sausages With Colcannon And Apple Sauce
Dandelion and my little greenhouse

92/365 - 2nd April
Becky trying out her new wireless headphones. They lasted less than a week before they stopped charging. Ugh. She's returning them today.

93/365 - 3rd April
Our first ice cream of the year from the ice cream van. Now every time that it drives past Ellie wants one. I've said no, it's a weekend treat. I remember only ever having ice cream off the ice cream van on a Sunday or if we had a day out when I was a child. 

94/365 - 4th April
We went out shopping for school shoes for Ellie and had to fill our bellies before we hit the shops. We all had an all day breakfast. We got the school shoes with just one little argument and a few other bits too.

95/365 - 5th April
Becky went to Hull with her friend and ended up buying another bear from Build a Bear. I was joking with her that every time she goes to Hull she buys one.

96/365 - 6th April
We had another Gousto meal. Black pudding sausages with colcannon and apple sauce. Colcannon is just leafy greens mixed into mashed potato. I didn't even bother mixing the greens into the kids mash, they wouldn't have eaten it. The sausages were amazing and I am obsessed with onion gravy.

97/365 - 7th April
Dandelions are taking over my back garden again. I know they're good for the bees but they really do seem to fill the grass.

98/365 - 8th April
The plants and things in my little greenhouse are doing well despite the cold weather. I am going to have to start moving things into bigger pots.

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  1. Those sausages sound interesting. I love colcannon but I'm not sure N would be impressed if I served it either. We usually end up with lots of dandelions too, but so far none this year.

  2. I've never had colcannon as I'm not a fan of greens. Love the look of the ice cream, I agree that we only had them on holidays or days out when I was a kid. #project365

  3. That ice cream looks incredible - I need one!!!!

  4. How frustrating that the new headphones only lasted a week. Hope Becky got replacements that work better. Lovely to have ice-cream from the van. We’ll start having one appear outside the school this term so no doubt I’ll be saying no a lot too as it’s an occasional treat. Love Becky’s new bear. Sophie loves Build a Bear bears too. The black pudding sausages with colcannon looks delicious. We have lots of dandelions in our garden too. I make dandelion and lemon biscuits with them. #project365

  5. Oh how annoying about the headphones!

    It's been a while since had an ice cream from the van, but agree that daily is a bit too much.

    Love that build a bear, so cute