Saturday 23 April 2022

Week 16 of #Project365. 16th - 22nd April. A photo every day for a year!

We have had a good week. The sun has been shining and everything is sunny and bright. The kids enjoyed the last of their Easter holidays and are now back at school and college. With Becky it's the same old, same old but Ellie has mock exams and she is loving them so far.

Yesterday was the first day in a couple of weeks that it felt like the day it was supposed to be. I had a fabulous Friday. I went to our local auction for a look around there was nothing I fancied bidding on today but it was nice to have a few hours out and to see people.

We don't have much planned for the weekend apart from housework and watching TV. Pretty boring but we have had quite a busy week. The kids have been out with friends, Stu and I have got jobs done around the house and more gardening done so I think we can take a couple of days to relax.

Now for a photo every day.

Burgers and Easter eggs
My girls
My eldest on her laptop and me

106/365 - 16th April
We got some burgers from the farm shop and as Ellie was out with her friend for tea there was an extra one and Stu didn't want it to go to waste (it could have gone in the freezer, lol) He ate it and all of the fries and onion rings. 

107/365 - 17th April
Our Easter eggs, so much for the kids just having one each. lol They have just about all been eaten, I still have some of my Reese's one left, it's so good.

108/365 - 18th April
I was looking through what seeds I had left, I thought I only had strawberries but found a load more. Oops.

109/365 - 19th April
The kids both went out with mutual friends for a picnic, they were gone for hours but came back with aching legs from all the walking they did and full bellies from all of the food they ate.

110/365 - 20th April
I had a change around of the furniture in the living room which was quite the job as Ellie suggested moving just about everything. She is now sat in the opposite corner of the room and likes it there but is missing looking out of the window.

111/365 - 21st April
The sofa being in front of the window is taking some getting used to, especially since Becky seems so far away.

112/365 - 22nd April
A moody looking me. I wasn't moody in the slightest, I just couldn't see anything for the sun. lol

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  1. All those Easter treats sound delicious!

  2. The weather's been lovely hasn't it. It's nice that your girls will go out together with friends. I always cook at least 1 extra burger because sometimes the OH will have a second, but then N will usually have the leftover one in his lunch or for breakfast the next day!

  3. When I was younger, I would re-arrange furniture periodically. It helps make the room feel new. #MMBC

  4. We had an orange twirl easter egg and it was delicious! Wish I had got a couple more! It has been so good to see some sun hasn't it?

  5. I've been rearrangin the indoors and outdoors this week, must be the spring weather that does it. Fab Easter egg haul you had there. I was disappointed with the taste of the egg in the Reeces one, too bitter, although the peanut butter filled ones are my favourite.

  6. Hope Ellie gets on well with her mocks, good to know she is enjoying them. You have quite the easter egg haul

  7. That’s a great stash of Easter eggs! I like the sound of the Reese’s one – will have to look out for those next year. Lovely for the girls to go out for a picnic with their friends. Hope all went well with Ellie’s mocks. #project365

  8. I only had one egg but the kids had at least 7 each as I bought too many (forgot we were able to see relatives again so didn't need to buy on their behalf!) #project365

  9. Impressive bundle of Easter Eggs. I am not surprised they made light work of them Easter egg chocolate is just so good! I don't blame Stu it all looks very tasty, I think I would have been tempted too. Good luck with all the seeds, would be lovely having all that fruit in your garden and would save a trip to the shops!