Friday 15 April 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Pleased!! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I had plenty of words in mind for this week: proud, aching, garden, presents, Easter and muddled but I have decided to go with pleased which I think sort of covers everything and I have had a lot to be pleased about this week.

We have had a good week but boy and I muddled in what day it is. What knocked me off track was the wheelie bins being emptied a day early and then doing all my Friday jobs on Thursday. Yesterday felt like a Friday and I am betting today feels like a Saturday, goodness knows what Sunday is going to feel like. I am still going to be confused next week as Ellie doesn't go back to school until Thursday, I am pleased that it will be a short week and after that we can finally get back on track.

Becky had a bit of an adventure on Friday night. She went by ambulance to hospital with a resident from the care home that she works in. I was so proud of her as it was way out of her comfort zone. She has never been to a hospital without me so going with someone who is virtually a stranger and had some big health issues was a massive deal. She was so pleased with herself and when she got home she was shattered as she decided to stop off for breakfast in town.

This week I finally got around to sorting out of the back garden. I worked most of Monday on it and I am so pleased with how it is looking now. I did have a little help from Stu but I have paid for it all week, I have just stopped aching from all of the digging that I did. I should have done it over a few days instead of just one but it's done now and I am waiting for things to start growing now.

The kids have been enjoying their Easter holidays with long lie in's and lazy days. I dragged them out on Tuesday afternoon for a walk and we ended up at the pub playing pool. I know that the pool table is free as long as you buy a drink so we had a few drinks, the fizzy pop kind not the alcohol kind. It was fun and considering it was the first time that Ellie had really played pool she did better than Becky. hehehe

On Wednesday I was pleased to have a day home alone. Both Becky and Ellie went out. Becky went into town for a meal with her girlfriend and Ellie went to her friends house. I did chuckle when she told me what she had been up to, an Easter egg hunt. Ellie hasn't been interested in one for a few years, she always thought she was too old for them and it turns out her friend thought the same but her friends mum thought she would give it a go and by all accounts they had a great time! 

It is my dad's partners birthday today and it's a big one so I decided to get her a few extra presents than I had already got. I got a gorgeous Bon Jovi print. His face made up of song lyrics. I made her open it yesterday so I could see what she thought of it and she was so pleased with it. I am so glad. I am so tempted to buy myself one. 

I don't have anything planned for Easter weekend apart from watching TV, films and eating plenty of chocolate. Ellie is off out with her friend tomorrow and Becky will be sleeping off her night shifts for the next couple of days. Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating.

I hope you have all had a good week?

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  1. I'm trying not to eat too many Easter chocolates and failing miserably! LOL. We're hoping to get to the movies this weekend but that is the only plans we have so far.

  2. I loved the print you got your Dad's partner, I'm glad she loved it too. Happy Easter, hope it's a nice relaxing weekend for you xx

  3. Well done Becky, no wonder you're pleased this week