Sunday 10 April 2022

I'm keeping this cushion. #MySundaySnapshot

Years ago when I had my first contraceptive implant put in my arm I was going to a bed with a cushion under it to stop it hurting and since then I have always slept with a little cushion. Up until now it has been a square Disney Princess one, I did get a lovely Hedwig, the owl off Harry Potter one a few years ago for my birthday but Ellie ended up pinching it and I have tried to take it back but as she always goes to bed before me she reclaims it. Grr!

Up until this week I have never got a replacement but I spotted this Harry Potter cushion in Primark and thought I would treat myself. I have slept with it every night since. Becky has taken the mick saying I am sleeping with a teddy but it's not, it's a cushion and I am sticking to that. hehehe

A Harry Potter cushion

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  1. Haha you got to keep hold of your stuff close x #mysundaysnapshot

  2. I think he's a great replacement x

  3. This is so cute. No wonder you like this cushion...

  4. It's definitely a cushion! I hope Ellie doesn't take a liking to this one too.

  5. Oooo cute! I love Harry Potter! Thanks for linking up and for sharing this post with #MySundaySnapshot.