Monday 25 April 2022

Our weekly meal plan! 25th April - 1st May. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went really well. We ate just about everything and really enjoyed the salad on Tuesday when all we had done for a couple of days before is eat chocolate. We did change things on Saturday night because we were all craving a Chinese takeaway, the good thing was I got the weekly shop from Iceland so ordered everything to make our own instead of getting one from the takeaway shop and spending a small fortune.

I had a good sort out of the freezers during the week. We have the one under our fridge and a upright freezer. Usually I have lots of meat, fruit, veg and snacky things in it but the kids were complaining that there was only random boxes of leftovers and chips. They were right so it was time to restock and do an Iceland shop. I stocked up on everything including a ton of fruit for smoothies, it's that time of the year again where we get our Breville Blender back out. I also stocked up on the ice cream and ice lollies since we seem to be having a run of good weather, long may it last!

On the menu this week we have:

MondayHome made quiche, I don't know what type yet and salad.
TuesdayMeatballs and spaghetti.
WednesdayLeftover meatballs in buns covered in melted cheese, like a fake Subway.
Thursday - Creamy garlic mushrooms with added bacon, pasta and garlic bread.
Friday - Fish, chips and mushy peas.
Saturday - Pizza.
Sunday - A roast dinner of some sort.

What are you eating this week?

I am linking up with Karen over at Cat's, Kids, Chaos who is the host of the meal planning linky. If you blog about your meal plan do come and link up!


  1. I have given up on writing out our meal plans... I do write down a list of the food I've bought in the shopping and let my family decide between them on what we have to eat that night. On reading your meal plan I got distracted by the fish, chips and mushy peas....I haven't had that in ages and fancy it so much now even though it's not even lunch time yet! x

  2. Ooh I haven't made a quiche for ages - sounds lovely :)