Tuesday 19 April 2022

Once a liar, always a liar!

I have always brought my girls up not to lie, they of course do still try to lie to me. Yes mam, I have tidied my room, no it wasn't me who left toothpaste in the sink and of course I've done my homework are a few examples of the little lies that they tell. Things like that are just silly lies which I let pass but they know not to tell big whoppers. They've been there, tried that and realise that lying to me usually ends up with them no better off. I always find out when they are lying, it might not be straight away when the lie is told but I do find out and they know how disappointed I am. Usually I am more angry about them lying rather than the thing they were lying about.

You are lying

My family know not to lie to me so when other people lie I get rather annoyed and I can't understand why they do it. Why do people lie? Do they not know they always get caught out eventually?

The way that I have brought my girls up, not to lie has made them have the same thoughts about people lying. Little white lies are OK but big black lies are just not on. They can't stand people who lie to them and have realised that those who tell big black lies are trouble and are not worth having in their lives.

Someone we know has been lying to us for months, it could be longer but we can only prove the lies over the last few months. I let the lies pass, sometimes thinking it was just a misunderstanding or that I was being silly but the lies being told got bigger and more ridiculous and finally to a point where I have said enough is enough. 

The lies have hurt people in my life and I will do what I can to protect my loved one's so cutting this person out of our life as much as we can is the way forward. The lies have caused arguments between my family and they could have split Becky and her girlfriend up but thankfully they are stronger than ever now, in fact realising the lies were lies has made them closer than ever.

From what I have been told the liar lies, get caught out, buries their head in the sand until the lie is forgotten about and the whole cycle starts again. Why has no one told them that they can't go through life like this and how have they got away with it for so long without anyone saying something to them?

At the moment the liar is avoiding me. When they found out that I knew about their latest lie they blocked me from ringing them and on all social media. It is inevitable that I will see them eventually and I will tell them how nasty and cruel their lies were, how messing with peoples heads is wrong and at their age they should really know better. At least if I have my say and try and get across to them that lying is wrong I can leave them to their life with a clear conscience. I won't be forgetting about it like they want me to, life doesn't work like that, once a liar, always a liar!

How do you deal with liars in your life? Do you let them get away with it or call them out for it?


  1. Like you I can let some of the little white/harmless lies go but I too tend to confront those that tell big or harmful lies. My boys are all pretty awful at telling lies and I am always able to tell when they are trying to lie to me; they all have a tell that I refuse to reveal to them! LOL.

  2. My eldest stepson lies all the time, just over a week ago he struck again, resulting in him unfriending me on everything and ignoring me. He is sulking he has got caught again. He has lost so much through his lies and then lies that he is getting help. There is no helping them unless they want the help

  3. Oh mate, I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. Sad to say that we have had our fair share of encounters with liars too and some of which have been family! It always comes out in the wash at some point. These individuals are not worth wasting precious time on. Sending big hugs. xx

  4. So sorry to hear this. i hate liars and people who go out their way to cause problems. Deniers are the worst too

  5. Aww that's dreadful, I'm glad you've caught them out and made things better for your family. I have to deal with a lot of lying and it breaks my heart sometimes. I hope you manage to steer clear of their lies from now on xx