Thursday 28 April 2022

The biggest drains on our time!

A big frustration of mine is waiting for things. I like to think I am a patient person but sometimes I really do hate waiting and when I am made to wait and it feels like such a drain on my time. A study of 2,000 adults found they typically spend one hour and 43 minutes every day waiting around. This amounts to 12 hours a week or more than 624 hours, nearly four whole weeks a year!


I spend a lot of time waiting for things and then sometimes I just waste my time.

The biggest drains on our time!

Being on hold.
This doesn't bother me because if I ring and can't get straight though to whoever I am calling I will get Stu to ring up later on. He has more patience than I do and doesn't hate speaking on the phone as much as I do.

Waiting in a queue.
I hate queuing. I have walked into shops before seen a long queue and thought it just isn't worth my time. If I have to queue for something I will grumble about it and probably text someone to tell them how displeased I am. lol

Sitting in traffic.
I don't drive so don't often sit in traffic unless it's on the bus and that annoys me especially if I am wanting to get somewhere at a certain time or get home from a day out.

Trying to ring the Doctor’s surgery.
Ugh! I hate, hate, hate ringing our doctors. Up until recently they only had one phone line which was ridiculous for the people that it serves, you could be on hold for ages. The only good thing about ringing the doctors was they at least told us how far along in the queue we are.

Waiting for a delivery to arrive.
I spend a lot of my time waiting for parcels. If I am in the kitchen, bathroom or dining room I won't hear the knock so have to stay in the living room if I know a parcel is on it's way and you can guarantee that one minute that I run to the loo or to get a drink the delivery person will knock! Grr!

Thankfully I don't have to commute but Becky's biggest waste of time is going to and from college. This year there seems to be a real issue with the college buses. It's either really late or doesn't come at all. She finishes college at 4pm and a while ago it was 5:45pm when she got home because the bus didn't come and then she had to walk to get a different bus into town, then a bus from town home. Grr!

Scrolling social media / Amazon Prime and TV channels.
This has to be my biggest drain on time. I do find myself scrolling through social media, TikTok has to be my biggest time stealer. I pop on for 10 minutes and then half an hour has gone.

Waiting for laundry to finish.
My washing machine constantly lies to me, it tells me it has 1 minute until it is finished whatever it's doing but it is more like five and then another 30 seconds after it has finished until the door opens. The washing cycles are so long too, I know it takes time to wash clothes but our shortest proper wash is 59 minutes and on that setting it doesn't spin enough so I have to put it on for another 10 minutes to spin properly. It seems like a waste of time, why can't they just have that setting with a proper spin speed. 

Getting served in a restaurant.
When we eat out I am constantly watching the clock after we order our food, I get so hangry. I don't think I've been anywhere for years and had to wait more than 20 minutes, I am just impatient when it comes to food. I know food can't appear in an instant but I sure wish it did.

Waiting for a cup of tea to brew.
We got a new kettle a couple of months ago and it takes so long to boil so by the time I have poured the water out into the cup it feels like I've been waiting an age for a cuppa.

These things above are just the things mentioned in the study, there are so many other things which drain my time. My biggest 3 drains on time are:

My girls telling stories, sometimes they do waffle on and go around the houses in telling me something. They also like to tell me about games they are playing. Minecraft takes up so much of my time and I don't even play it. lol Ellie does.

 When we are going out somewhere and I am just putting my shoes on I will ask Stu if he's ready and he will say yes but then he will faff around for 10 minutes while I am sat twiddling my thumbs. Why? He knew I was nearly ready.

I really want a shower put in. Sometimes I just want to have a quick wash or just wash my hair but to do that I have to fill a bath which takes time, especially with our taps. They're very slow running.

What are your biggest drains on time?


  1. Yes to all of these! And especially being put on hold on the phone.
    I think our biggest drain on time is getting ready to go out! Craig and the kids take ages faffing around and Craig always forgets something so we have to go back. x

  2. I find I am waiting around the most for my son; when I pick him up from school or from practice I make sure to bring a book with me so I can read while waiting.

  3. But then of we did not waste time what else would we do with it. I hate tic toc but wandering other social media sites I find things like this to read. I do get inpatient as well, asked for a refund from a website as after 10 working days my order was still not fulfilled, went and bought the stuff instead.

  4. I waste so much time sitting in traffic on the school run! I try to download interesting podcasts to listen to but I find it difficult to concentrate while I'm driving. I also have to listen to a lot of Minecraft chatter!

  5. Oh man I hate waiting! Especially if it's for something I feel I really shouldn't need to wait for, such as tech issues with sites not loading or working right. Or phone queues, ugh... My worst time thief is probably social media, though I do feel I get quite a lot out of the time I spend on there too (especially on instagram) x