Monday 11 April 2022

Our weekly meal plan! 11th - 17th April. #MealPlanningMonday

Our Weekly Meal Plan

Last weeks meal plan went well and that was thanks to having another Gousto box. I think my favourite meal of the week was the Black pudding sausages with colcannon and apple sauce, covered in onion gravy. The sausages were amazing, I want them again already.

When we first started getting the Gousto boxes a little while ago Stu was not convinced by them but is now asking when are we getting the next one. lol We are having a break for them for the next few weeks as none of the meals are jumping out to me. It was such a chore meal planning and doing the food shop for this week after just picking the meals and having everything we needed delivered.

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Beef and garlic mushroom En Croute with roast potatoes and carrots. 
Tuesday - Sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps and cakes.
Wednesday - Sausage casserole and mashed potato.
Friday - Pizza.
Sunday - A roast dinner of some sort.

I am linking up with Karen over at Cat's, Kids, Chaos who is the host of the meal planning linky. If you blog about your meal plan do come and link up!


  1. We have sloppy joe sandwiches on our menu this week and we're having beef and mashed potatoes tonight.

  2. I have never had a sloppy how but hear about them all the time x #mmbc

  3. Ooh loads of lovely recipes on this week's plan - the beef & garlic mushroom en croute sound divine and a little bit special, as do the BBQ chicken loaded fries. We love sloppy joes and mac & cheese so combining both sounds like a great idea too. I've added to a future wishlist and will definitely come back to them ! Have a great week xx