Friday 22 April 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Bright! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I have been in such a bright and cheerful mood this past week. The sun has been shining, there has been a lot of chocolate to eat, I've done more gardening, got over the angriness of someone lying to me and my family and spent some quality one on one time with both of my girls.

We went into the Easter weekend with no plans but on Friday I had the bright idea to sort the front garden out and dragged Ellie and Stu off to the farm shop to buy some flowers to put in the planters. We got 40 plants for £10 and of course I couldn't help but buy some extras from the shop, mango chutney and some amazing burgers.

Planter in the front garden

Stu gave the planters a lick of paint to brighten them up and the flowers didn't look like much when I first put them in but by Saturday they were starting to bloom and they look so pretty now.

Becky decided on Sunday afternoon that she wanted to dye the ends of her hair. I always have pots of hair dye in and she chose the green of course, her favourite colour. It came out better than we could have imagined and it looks so bright.

The kids have had a really good week, any week where they get a pile of chocolate is a good one but they have both been out with friends separately and then on Monday they joined together and went for a picnic. It wasn't the brightest of days but it was at least still warm. I knew they were serious about picnicking when they asked where the picnic blanket was. They were gone for about 5 hours, came back full of food and with aching legs from all the walking they did.

Becky was back to college on Wednesday and I spent the day with Ellie. She is so needy when it's just me and her so I came up with a bright idea of keeping her busy and changing the living room around. I was just going to swap my armchair and the sofa over but she came up with the idea of moving the sofa in front of the radiator which was a great idea since we are at the point now where we're not putting the heating on. It took us a good few hours and it gave me chance to clean behind and under everything. She admitted she had fun and we really did.

Yesterday I spent the day with Becky, for the first time in weeks she isn't working a Thursday night so she didn't have to go to bed. We just pottered about the house, we sorted out the freezer and ended up watching Grey's Anatomy. I've seen it before but Becky hasn't watched it properly until now. She has just finished the first series and is hooked, I'm so happy but she has no idea what's to come. 

Ellie is feeling quite bright and clever at the moment. She had her first year 10 mock exam yesterday and thinks she did well, she said it was easier than she thought it would be. I am so glad she's feeling confident. Fingers crossed that she finds the rest just as easy!

How has your week been?

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  1. That sounds like a lovely week! We just had another frost last night so it's still too early to plant anything just yet but I have been thinking about the flowers I'd like to get for my front stoop.

  2. I love the idea of your planters full of flowers in the front. I hope they continue to bloom and bring joy. We finished watching Grey's Anatomy with our girls recently. It is fun watching these old series with them. We hadn't seen the recent series. Your living room move around sounds good. Hope you have a lovely weekend. #wotw

  3. I love getting bargain plants, sadly mine often end up not getting planted properly. If only I could do it myself. I need some raised garden beds. It sounds like your girls enjoyed the Easter holiday, it's lovely when they can take themselves out for the day isn't it. My two boys went out recently, the older one taking the Little Man on a train for the first time in a couple of years. He was so excited. I love how your girls have enjoyed cleaning jobs with you. I wish mine would. xx

  4. Lovely to have planters full of flowers and sounds like the girls enjoyed going on a picnic together. Glad that Ellie enjoyed helping you move things around in the living room and that her first mock exam seems to have gone well. Good luck to her with the others. #WotW

  5. It's nice to get flowers planted out. I'm growing some from seed, they are a bit small to put out yet but won't be long. I agree with your girls, aw week involving chocolate is always a good week!