Thursday 7 April 2022

(Ad - Gifted) Easter cupcakes and Dino Egg Doughnuts from Bradfords Bakers.

Easter is coming and to me and my family Easter is all about the yummy treats that we eat. There is of course all of the Easter eggs, chocolate and hot cross buns but over the last week we were enjoying some delicious Dino Egg Doughnuts from Bradfords Bakers and Easter cupcakes from Send Them Cupcakes.

Dino Egg Doughnuts from Bradfords Bakers and Easter cupcakes from Send Them Cupcakes

I asked the kids if they wanted to try the doughnuts and cupcakes and they looked at me like I was mad, it was such a stupid question, of course! We love sweet treats here! Everything arrived in beautiful packaging, I was a little worried about them surviving the delivery but I needn't have the boxes are just the right size to keep everything secure from moving about. There was just one cupcake where the icing looked a little worse for wear but I could tell that was from the journey here and through no fault of the bakers.

The Easter Fun Box of 9 Cupcakes from Send Them Cupcakes costs £25.90 and they are just adorable, they almost look too good to eat!

The Easter Fun Box of 9 Cupcakes

Each unique box contains nine hand finished Easter cupcakes all bursting with flavour. A mixture of chocolate and plain sponge cupcakes each topped with a delicious thick icing and finished with an Easter decoration.

These cakes are amazing. The cupcakes are moist, so soft and the icing is just perfect. They are full of flavour and I particularly loved the lemon one. I was not a fan of the purple one as it tasted like Parma Violets, the one sweet that I cannot stand. The kids argued over that one, they ended with half each and said it was the best cake and icing ever! 

Easter cupcakes

The decorations on the cupcakes really impressed me. They weren't just thin pieces of chocolate they were whole chicks, bunnies and eggs. It was a nice surprise. 

The cakes are all freshly made to order and measure around 6cm in diameter. They are delivered in a satin gift box alongside a free gift card.

The box of 9 Dino Egg Doughnuts from Bradfords Bakers costs £17.90 and I have eaten some doughnuts in my life and these are up there with the best. I didn't think they would taste as fresh as they did with them being delivered through the post but I must say I am impressed. Opening the box was a fantastic experience, they smelled so good. 

9 Dino Egg Doughnuts from Bradfords Bakers

A colourful array of delightful donuts. Enjoy a mix of chocolate dipped Doughnuts, each one topped with a sprinkle of vibrant edible confetti and a foil covered hollow milk chocolate egg.  Foil decorations include a mix of dinosaur, prince and princess designs. Aren't they so pretty! 


The doughnuts are carefully packed into a Gift Box with Ribbon and every delivery also includes a free gift card for that personal touch.

I feel so lucky to have tried these tasty treats and with Easter coming up they would make a fantastic gift for someone. They look great and taste even better! I was really impressed with how long they stayed fresh too. They were delivered on the Thursday, I hid a cupcake away as a treat and forgot about it until Monday and it still tasted so good.

I was sent these cupcakes and doughnuts free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Oh wow these look amazing! The presentation is beautiful and they all look delicious!

  2. Oh my goodness; my mouth is watering!! Now I want a cupcake and a donut.

  3. Oh wow! These look so good and would make such a lovely gift. I think the cupcakes are my favourite. x