Friday 1 April 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Tired! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I have felt tired all week. I am totally blaming the clocks changing over the weekend and losing that hour of sleep. Stu left me in bed on Tuesday morning and it did help but I still feel like my body clock has been messed with. There has been evenings when I've lost all track of time and we have eaten late, then the evening flies over and by 9pm I feel tired and I'm ready for bed. I think it's because I am waking earlier with it being lighter on a morning, at least the birds are not waking me up yet. 

Becky finished her night shift on Saturday morning had 4 hours sleep and then decided to join us at our local auction. She was only there for a burger from the cafe but it was such a gorgeous day she felt it would be wasted staying in bed. She was happy she came but tired by about 3pm so she went for a nap. At the auction she did see one of her favourite people, he's such a character and actually ended up bidding on the sun loungers that we were bidding on, as soon as he saw we were bidding on them he dropped out and let us have them. We got 3 sun loungers for £16. I had planned on lazing on them this week but the weather has been stupid. Stupid as in this time last week I was in a vest top, sat in a beer garden, roasting and as I was writing this I was watching snow fall. 

I did think on Monday that I was coming down with a cold or could have caught Covid, I felt achy, snotty and like I could sleep for a week. I took a test just in case and it was negative but by late afternoon I felt much better. I felt the same on Tuesday too. I am thinking it's a bit of hay fever because the kids were feeling the same. I am tired of hay fever all ready and we have months of it to come yet. Eek! 

It was Becky's pay day yesterday and when she got her payslip earlier in the week she was already planning what to buy. She frustrates me so much, she's never had as much money and I think she is wasting it buy buying takeaways when she is at college. £30 on Just Eat a week is just silly and buying things that she uses once and then they get put to the side. I am tired of telling her to save. I know she has the rest of her life for that but if she got into the habit of it now when she doesn't really have bills to pay it will become second nature in the future.

Today is the start of the Easter holidays and we are ready for them. They do seem to be really long though, Ellie has an extra day compared to Becky thanks to a teachers training day too. They have started to make some plans. I asked them a couple of weeks ago if either wanted to come to the cinema with me to see the new Fantastic Beasts film and they said no, they don't like those films but now they both have plans to go with different friends to see it. Hmmf. I am quite tempted to message Ellie's friend and ask if I can tag along. hehehe I am sure she would let me as we were fans of everything wizarding before Ellie had even shown any interest. 

I hope you have all had a good week?

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  1. The clocks going back does mess with things doesn't it? I do quite like having the lighter evenings though. Well done on getting the sun loungers and hopefully you'll get more opportunity to use them soon. I can understand you trying to encourage Becky to save - it is easy to go a bit crazy when you first start getting money coming in and wanting to spend it on things. Hopefully she'll get better at saving as time goes on. Hope you enjoy the Easter holidays. We have another week before ours start. #WotW

  2. Once again we are a week behind with the Easter Holidays! Mine don't break up until next week. It's a good idea to start getting Becky money wise, it's a hard lesson to later on. I felt the tiredness after losing an hour too, it really puts you out of sinc. doesn't it. xx

  3. Time changes mess me about too. Isn't it just the way, you score some sun loungers and it snows! We break up next Friday. Hope you have a lovely Easter break

  4. I have been tired lately too but our clock change was weeks ago so I don't think that is it. I have started taking my seasonal allergy meds as my eyes water 'til the point it looks like I am crying (even with the meds. this year!). It's aggravating but a great way for me to tell if my scratchy throat and runny nose is something to worry about or not. Hope you all enjoy your Easter Break!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday and the weather warms up so you can use your new sun loungers :o)