Friday 9 February 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 6. #FridayFavourites

It's Friday again! This has came around quickly! I have had a good week although I have been worrying about my youngest. She has had mock English exams which she has not been looking forward to but she said she thinks she did OK and that's all I can ask of her. I am linking up with Erika and Andrea and sharing some of my favourites from the past week.

Having everyone where they should be.
It seems for the whole of this year we haven't had a week where everyone in my family has been where they should be, ie work or college. It started with my youngest having extra time off college after Christmas, my fella has had the odd day off here and there and my eldest has been off out with friends on adventures but this week has been a normal one. Everyone has been to work, college and has been at home when I would expect them to be.

Beauty bits.
I am not massively in beauty things and make up but I have been borrowing a couple of things from my youngest over the past week.

Ellie has been raving about this Primer from Primark for the last couple of weeks. I've never used primer before but I will be from now on. I don't know if it's this one which is amazing or the fact that I am actually using primer but it makes my make up look so much better. I have been told that I now have to buy my own.

I have never really suffered with dry, sore lips before but over the past week I really have. I am totally blaming the weather. Ellie got some lip balm, a set of a few different one's and I borrowed this one. It has worked wonders and does actually taste like the J20 drink, I know I am not supposed to be tasting it but it's better than the plain waxy tasting one that I was using before.

Fresh flowers.

I love having fresh flowers in the house but I don't like paying a lot for them. Daffodils are back on sale in the shops for a pound a bunch which I think is such a bargain and a nice treat just to brighten up the room. I am hoping by this time next week I will have another bunch of fancy flowers off my fella for Valentine's Day!

A bonfire.
A couple of years ago my fella made a fire pit from the drum out of a washing machine and at the start of the week he had a little bonfire burning a pile of cardboard boxes that were stacked in the garage. He had fun, cleared the garage and saved my dad doing a trip to the tip.

Oven baked pork belly & winter veg pot roast.

I have had casseroles before, obviously but this was something different with the meat being cooked whole and bigger pieces of vegetables. We all loved it, everything tasted so different from a casserole. I also veered off the recipe instructions and cooked the roast potatoes in the air fryer, it was my first time making them that way and they were amazing! I just wished I had made extra for my lunch the next day!

The Marvels.
The newest Marvel movie came to Disney+ this week and it is only a favourite because I am glad I didn't spend money at the cinema to see it. The best thing about it was Samuel L. Jackson, he's always fantastic. It really wasn't a great movie but it made a change from watching Grey's Anatomy. lol

My favourite blog post.
My favourite blog post from the past week was I did dry January. It feels like such an achievement as alcohol for me has always been a treat at the end of the week. I was going to try for another month but it's Valentine's Day coming up and I am planning on something nice to eat for my fella and I and I think a couple of glasses of prosecco will go well with it.

Friday favorites

What have you loved over the past week?


  1. I ran out of primer ages ago and haven't bought any since. But you're right it does make your make-up look better. It's also smoother to apply make-up and the finish looks fresh. I must get some more! The daffodils look so pretty, when I see them blooming over here it reminds me that spring is coming soon. I bet you can't wait for the warmer weather. I don't want to share ours!! Hehe

  2. Those Daffodils are just beautiful! Happy weekend!

  3. It's always nice to have fresh flowers in the house - especially in winter.

  4. I can't be without a primer, it makes all the difference doesn't it?!
    I love your daffodils, they look really cheerful. And the pot roast looks yummy! We've had some really good meals from Gousto lately.
    Also, well done on dry January! xx

  5. Oh I just love fresh flowers and those daffodils are so bright and happy looking. I too get nervous when one of my kids has a big test or something coming up... Evan has his driving test later this month and I can already tell that he's so nervous about it which in turns makes me more nervous for him.

  6. I do love daffodils and that J2O lip balm sounds really nice. I do wear a primer but I don't wear make up, I just like the way it makes my skin feel. xx

  7. I forgot to buy some more daffodils and last week's have dried out, but must get some more. I've never used a primer. I use a clinique extra moisture gel stuff before I put make up on so i guess that might help.