Saturday 17 February 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Food! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Food makes me happy and I have loved this week as nearly every day and outing has all revolved around food! We certainly have had a good week of eating!

On Sunday we went out for our usual Sunday lunch, I love not having to cook and considering prices seem to be rising everywhere £8 for a big plate of roast dinner is a bargain, considering just up the road it's £15 and more. Eek! We called into see my dad after and had a good chat with him, one of those chats about nothing in particular. It's hard to catch him when he's not working so Sunday is always a good day to play catch up with him.

Stu and I had an early Valentine's Day meal cooked by the girls. We had Ciabatta garlic bread for starters, chicken, ham and leek pie, mash and veg for the main course and chocolate orange dessert pots for dessert. They did such a great job, they of course argued every minute that they were in the kitchen together but ignorance is bliss and I stayed out of it. As soon as they were out of the kitchen they were best friends again. lol Kids!!

Tuesday was all about the pancakes! I spent an hour in the kitchen making pancakes for everyone. I was just making them and my family was eating them. It's funny how one day a year we eat pancakes and then don't really bother with them for the rest of the year. We have them with different toppings, Nutella, bananas, Biscoff spread, strawberries, golden syrup and the normal lemon juice and sugar. 

I had an appointment on Wednesday and was worrying about that and the fact that the afternoon tea I ordered was being delivered. Thankfully the afternoon tea arrived well before I had to leave so I didn't have to leave Ellie in to receive it and she came along with me to my appointment. I was glad to have the company, we ended up getting a burger on the way home and some freshly made doughnuts. On the evening we enjoyed our afternoon tea and it is only supposed to serve 2 but 3 of us had it and there was leftovers! 

On Thursday we were at the hospital bright and early for a check on Ellie's ears. It went well, her good ear is still good and she's still deaf in the other one. On the way back into town we called into Wetherspoons for a breakfast. I forgot all about it being half term and it was so busy and one of the two hot drink machines weren't working so it was a bit chaotic but breakfast was eaten and enjoyed. We called into Lidl on the way home to get some treats. Sushi and their brownies from the bakery section, they are amazing!

Yesterday Stu, Becky and I went out for lunch, just to our favourite cafe. Ellie wasn't with us as she was with my dad working, she's always saying she wants more pocket money and my dad is always saying he can do with another set of hands so they're both happy. She was helping him build a shed and loved every minute of it. He gave her lunch and said grandad cooks the best bacon. hehehe She's going back on Monday as she's not back at college until Tuesday to do some more work, I hope it can become a regular thing as she gets to spend time with her grandad and he gets a little help too.

Today Ellie, Stu and me are off into town and we will be eating out again. I am looking forward to today as it seems ages since I have been to Hull and there are a few shops that I want to go to. The Bodyshop especially since I have heard that they might be closing. I need to stock up on the hand cream and lip balm.

I feel like next week I need to go on a diet after all the food we have eaten and I've not even started on the chocolates that I got for Valentine's day. lol

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. Lovely foodie week! Today we met a couple who were visiting our church. They said they were from Hull and right away I thought of you as you're the only person we 'know' from that part of the world. Hopefully one day we will get to see Hull.

  2. It sounds like a yummy week. I love that the girls cooked you a Valentines meal. Our pancake days are usually like that but this year my eldest took over and decided to cook fluffy pancakes which were amazing but everyone could only eat one, they were so filling. xx

  3. You've made me realise that I missed all the food celebration days this week. We didn't celebrate Valentines or Pancake day. I'll have to catch up. How lovely that the girls cooked for you. Such a treat and the Sunday lunch sounds like an absolute bargain. I like the idea of your afternoon tea. Yum!

  4. I cannot lie that is my kind of week!! The girls cooking you a Valentine's Day dinner is brilliant. £8 for a Sunday lunch is an absolute steal!! Karen - Early Rising Mum

  5. That does sound like such a delicious week! We had a really tasty week too; with lunch out with my mom on Monday and a delicious Mediterranean chicken wrap, we all got some chocolate treats for Valentine's day on Wednesday and then my husband and I went to a really delicious Italian place near us last night. They make all their own fresh pasta and everything was just amazing.

  6. It sounds like a yummy week! £8 for a roast dinner is a real bargain, almost as cheap as cooking it at home and with the added bonus of no kitchen to clean afterwards :)


  7. Yum Yum Yum - I love food too and you had a great week for food. #MMBC

  8. Oh my goodness, I felt hungry reading your post about all the yummy food you enjoyed. £8 for a big roast dinner does sound like very good value. How lovely of the girls to cook you and Stu a Valentine’s meal and for Ellie to be helping her grandad. Glad her check-up went well. #WotW