Saturday 3 February 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Self-Care! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Self care

We all need to practice self care and I think it is more important at this time of year that any other time. January is a rubbish month so I felt like a weight had been lifted on Thursday when the first day of February came around. My family and I have all had a bit of self-care over the last week.

My fella Stu was very clever and booked a couple of days off work at the end of January. It was like a reward for getting through the month. His work is really slow at the start of the year, no one one's to buy or upgrade their mobile phones so he has had a lot of sitting about at work which might seem like fun but the novelty wears off quickly. It was nice Stu being at home, it was like a bit of self-care for me as well to have him help out with the housework and cooking.

Stu and I went into town on Tuesday for nothing in particular, just a walk out and to have a look around the shops. We didn't buy much but did end up going for a late lunch at the pub. Usually I would have a glass of wine with my meal but I have been doing dry January and was determined to finish the month so we had Pepsi. Ellie finishes college early on a Tuesday and said she couldn't be bothered to come and meet us but we said stop being so lazy and said she did feel better for doing the walk and really enjoyed her meal too.

Ellie has had a bit of self-care with getting a hair cut and a new colour put on her hair. I do the cutting and she always seems so surprised that it works out so well. It is actually quite easy to put layers in hair when you follow YouTube instructions. We still haven't got the hang of not getting the hair dye everywhere though, the back of Ellie's neck is a pretty red colour at the moment. lol

At the start of the year I said to myself that I would get out each day for a walk and some fresh air. Sometimes I just walk to the shop and back, other times I go for a walk around our little town but out of the 31 days in January I only skipped 4 days of getting out which I think is good going for me.

Over Christmas Becky's routine all went to pot. She was back to sleeping too much and not eating properly but she is well and truly back on track now. Being in a routine when you work night shifts is hard and I have massive respect for Becky. She said she has even started having a power nap at work during her break which she has never done before which seems to be helping her stay energised.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. I like the idea of self care and I am very impressed that you get out so often for a walk. Leisa and I are useless where that is concerned and no help to each other. For doing Ellie's hair, you need some painter's tape, lol. Good on the family for looking after your mental health.

  2. Well done for getting out almost every day this month. I'm the same. It does help having a dog as he never skips a day! I'm trying to add a short run every week day too. Not much, but consistently, which works for me. Your trip to town must have made a much needed reward and well done to sticking with dry January. Hope Ellie's neck returns to the right colour soon. These shorter days must play havoc with shift workers. I guess you might end up not seeing daylight at all.

  3. I've promised myself that i will get out more this year, but certainly not unless the weather permits. Self care is real important though, and sometimes the smaller things can be the most rewarding. Are you trying Vaseline along hair lines when dying. I always do, especially as I have a tendency to dye my ears brown. Fortunately it doesn't last long. x

  4. The YouTube videos are great for learning how to cut hair. I used to cut my eldest hair when he was living with us and now he does his own (he follows YouTube videos too). My youngest now pays for his haircuts and I do my husband's which is so easy as he only has about four hairs on his head. LOL!

  5. Self-care is so important – glad you and your family have managed to find time for some. I’m with you on January being a rubbish month and feeling relieved when February arrives. Glad you had a couple of days with Stu home at the end of the January – a nice way to end the month. Well done on getting out for a walk nearly every day and well done to Becky on managing to get back into a good routine – it is hard to do when you work night shifts. #WotW