Saturday 10 February 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Normal! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I have had a nice week. It has been one of those which I have needed, a week of normality. Stu has had a full week at work which has felt like a rarity this year, Becky has been at work on her most hated week of shifts, Ellie has of course been at college which has left me home alone for most of the week. For me it has been a really normal, average week. Not bad but nothing spectacular. 

Ellie has had English mock exams at college, she is having to resit her English GCSE as she didn't pass it at school. She hates the fact that she is going over and over what she has learned at school but it has to be done. She said she thinks she has done OK in the mock exams but she knows that means nothing as she passed her English mock exams at school and didn't pass the actual exam. Ugh! I keep telling her it could be worse, at least she doesn't have to resit maths.

I have found myself just pottering around the house over the past week. Doing the usual housework and blogging which I have really enjoyed. I like being in my little routine. I have been experimenting with the air fryer making roast potatoes which were amazing, an omelette after I saw BubbaBlue & Me mention them on her blog, they are great for using random things up from the fridge and after I have finished writing this blog post I am going to try making a lemon drizzle cake in it.

I don't usually talk about Becky's work but over the past couple of weeks it has caused a bit of stress. I can't really go into details but I did have to have a chat with her saying if your work friend chooses to walk out don't even think about following her. Things are changing at her work and she is having to find a new normal. At the moment she is just grinning and bearing it, through the issues which are happening. I am sure it will all turn out OK in the end, it always does. 

Can we please have some normal weather! The weather we have been having over the past month does has been crazy with all of the storms. The other night I looked at the weather on my laptop and it was something like 10C, that is crazy warm for this time of year, especially on an evening. The wind has been mad again, I don't know if we had another storm, I seem to have lost track of them but I was fearing for the fences and wheelie bins again. We had some snow on Thursday but it didn't settle, that is normal for this time of year but it being 10C the next day isn't! It seemed ridiculously warm.

It is half term next week which usually means nothing for Stu and Becky but Stu has taken a few days off work and it happens to be the week where Becky has 3 days off work during the week so it should be fun, well apart from Ellie's hearing check up at the hospital. We have a few plans and it's pancake and Valentine's day! What a treat to have them both in the same week, I am sure that doesn't usually happen. Next week is going to be far from our normal routine.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. I'm sorry Becky is having a hard time at work, I have worked in care and I know it can be hard sometimes. I left after I just couldn't face doing the job any more. But those were the days when walking straight into another job was easy! I hope it does get better for her. I hope the weather settles too. I'm praying it doesn't rain too much today, I found out last night that there are road closures around the theatre that I'm going to so I'll have to be dropped off and have an five minute walk rather than being dropped at the door. It's not far, but if it's raining it's not good in a wheelchair. Fingers crossed xx

  2. I love a quieter week. I get so behind if I don't have one. Good luck to Ellie with her retake. I can imagine going over work that you probably didn't enjoy the first time would be boring. I haven't got an air fryer, but I notice the instructions included in ready meals and recipes. It is far more flexible than I realised. I hope it calms down at work for Beckie. Atmospheres like that can be so unsettling. Hope you enjoy your half term week.

  3. What a lovely normal week. Those can be nice. I hope your daughter keeps her head screwed on regarding her work. It's not easy these days. Bring on lovely weather round here too! It's been a mess.

  4. Wait a minute... you can make an omelet in the air fryer? That's game changing! I hope Ellie does well on her exam.

  5. Normal is good – sometimes a week of normality is just what you need. Sorry to hear that things have been stressful for Becky at work – hope that things get better and she settles into a new normal soon. Hope you’re having a nice half-term. #WotW