Sunday 18 February 2024

Week 7 of #Project365 11th - 17th February A photo every day for a year!

Happy Sunday! This past week has gone in a blur, I have been so busy with appointments, days out and having my family home. Half term used to be a time for lazy days but this week seems to have been non-stop. I am stopping today though! We did think about going out for lunch today but I need a day at home in my pj's. I am a stay at home person but this week I have been out and about every day since Wednesday! I am not used to it spending so much time out of the house. lol

I feel so late in writing this, usually I do my Project 365 post on a Saturday afternoon but it's almost 8pm and I am just getting around to it after being out in Hull all day. We went out for lunch to the all you can eat place and then had a good look around the shops. I could have easily filled this weeks post with photos of food as our week seems to have revolved around food. Sunday lunch out, a Valentine's Day meal, pancakes, afternoon tea, breakfast out, lunch at my dad's and the all you can eat place. lol

Now for a photo every day!

Superbowl and pretty sky
Pancakes and Valentine's Day card
The sky and me and my girls.

42/365 - 11th February
I watched some of the Superbowl. I really enjoyed it until they actually started playing the American Football, then I didn't have a clue what was going on. It did make me chuckle that Post Malone had smartened him self up to sing America The Beautiful. hehehe I do love him.

43/365 - 12th February
The clouds were so pretty!

44/365 - 13th February
Pancake day and my family said I did well with cooking them! We ate so many and felt quite stuffed! We should really eat pancakes more than one day a year!

45/365 - 14th February
Valentine's Day and the card from my fella did make me smile, we met on the internet so it was perfect! We had a lovely day.

46/365 - 15th February
You can't beat a breakfast from Wetherspoons! Usually I get an American one but fancied a traditional one this time. I didn't really need to get a large one, I ate far too much!

47/365 - 16th February
Another sky, it looked so much better in real life.

48/365 - 17th February
Stu, Ellie and me were going out and leaving poor Becky home alone, she had to sleep for work.

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  1. It sounds like you need a few days at home, and then you'll enjoy another excursion out.

  2. thats is a super cute valentines indeed

  3. I feel like after a few days of being out and about too!

  4. Thisiswhereitisat19 February 2024 at 17:29

    The skies have been so pretty recently 😍

  5. I only watched the Usher performance, I just don't get american football. I didn't get a look in at the pancakes

  6. Those are pretty clouds. That’s a lovely Valentine’s card from your fella. Glad you had a nice Valentine’s Day. I can’t remember the last time I had a Wetherspoons breakfast. It does look yummy. #project365

  7. The sky pics are lovely! We forgot to make any pancakes on the day! Loving the valentines day card.