Wednesday 3 August 2022

(Ad - Gifted) Hydrosil HydroBrow! A treatment for itchy, flaky brows!

 I go through phases of having dry skin, usually in the winter and now, in the height of summer. It is always my forehead and the skin under my brows which suffer. Flaky and itchy brows are a common problem typically caused by underlying dry skin conditions such as eczema or contact dermatitis, chemicals in skin care products or from brow waxing, plucking, dying or microblading. I don't think I have any serious skin conditions, just seasonal one's which are irritated by the make up that I wear.

Hydrosil HydroBrow

There are virtually no over the counter treatments for itchy flaky brows and no prescription treatments either so that's where Hydrosil HydroBrow comes in, it is one of the first dedicated treatments for itchy flaky brows.

Repair brow barrier function, reduce flaking, increase brow hydration and bring immediate relief to itchy, red and flaky brows with the transparent brow serum containing natural patented complexes.

Hydrosil HydroBrow tube

Hydrosil HydroBrow is a natural brow gel containing three proven ingredients to help relieve itching, redness and flaking of the eyebrows.

Passion Fruit Seed Extract
Extract of passion fruit seed has been incorporated into a patented active complex with proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. The passion fruit seeds used in this product have been upcycled from the normal processing of the passion fruit for human consumption.

Chicory Root Extract
An extract from chicory root has been incorporated into a prebiotic complex that’s proven to repair and strengthen brow barrier function by encouraging the growth of good brow microbiota while inhibiting the growth of bad brow bacteria that can lead to itching, redness and flaking.

Australian Tea Tree
A patented extract of Australian tea tree with proven antimicrobial action to help inhibit the growth of bad brow bacteria that can lead to irritation, dryness and flaking.

To use it you simply apply liberally to entire length of brow twice a day. I have tried it on and it obviously feels wet putting it on but after a few minutes it dries out and there is no sticky or bitty feeling left, in fact my eyebrows feel softer than usual.

Hydrosil HydroBrow on brow

It's not just for us ladies, Hydrosil HydroBrow is unisex so the men can use it too. Stu suffers with itchy, flaky eyebrows, especially in the winter so I think I will be buying more for him later on in the year.

Hydrosil HydroBrow is vegan and free from SLS, sulphate, parabens and perfumes. It is available to buy from the Skin Shop website and costs £8.50 for a 7ml tube which I think is a fair price.

Do you suffer from itchy, flaky brows?

I was sent the Hydrosil HydroBrow serum free of charge in exchange for this blog post. 

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