Thursday 18 August 2022

The biggest challenges parents face during the summer holidays.

We're halfway through the summer holidays. I think we are anyway, I seem to have lost track with losing a week to Covid. A study of 1,000 mums and dads of school aged children found two thirds struggle to find ways to occupy their youngsters during the break.

As a parent I used to feel such a huge pressure during the summer holidays, planning activities, covering the costs and keep the kids entertained. Six weeks seems such a long time. I would have loved the summer holidays to be shorter and have an extra week at Christmas and throughout the year.

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These are the biggest challenges that parents face during the summer holidays:

The bad weather keeping them indoors.
This summer hasn't been that bad, usually we complain about the rain and what is keeping us inside is the extreme heat.

Stretching budget over the full length of the summer.
If my two had their way they would be having days out every day but our budget does not stretch that far. I try to keep it to one trip out a week either with me or with their friends. Thankfully now Becky is working she pays to amuse herself but the rule still applies to Ellie.

Trying to think of fun things to do at home.
I used to be quite good at things like this. Making things like Moon Sand, play dough, painting, baking, rainy days are great for movie days and playing board games are all fun. I did write 25 Ways to keep kids entertained this Summer with some more ideas.

Struggling to think of suitable day trips.
When my girls were younger we used to struggle with this, there was only so many times going to the park or beach would keep them happy but going further afield cost more.

Struggling to think of enough different meals to eat.
Evening meals are fine but lunches we struggle with. Sandwiches get boring and of course the kids don't want to spend time in the kitchen making something so we just usually eat picky bits out of the fridge.

Losing inspiration for activities.
I used to think up something really good to do with the kids and then they would be interested for 5 minutes and leave me thinking why do I bother or they would do something and leave all the tidying and cleaning up for me and again I would think why do I bother.

The days going slow.
This still happens, just the other day I said "how is it only 3pm". It felt like it should have been much later.

Lack of sleep.
Now my girls are teenagers we don't have this issue, it's the opposite, I struggle to get them out of bed. lol but when they were little it was a struggle. They would be up at the crack of dawn and of course didn't want to go to bed early.

All the extra laundry.
Oh yes, I don't know why but there does seem more laundry to do during the summer holidays. At least the weather has been OK so I can get it out on the line to dry.

Not having enough help with childcare.
This hasn't bothered us as I have been lucky enough to stay home but I can imagine this is such a stress for parents who work.

What is your biggest challenge during the summer holidays?

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