Saturday 6 August 2022

Week 31 of #Project365. 30th July - 5th August. A photo every day for a year!

Week 2 of the summer holidays went in a blur. The kids have been busy, Ellie out with friends and Becky working. She has so many shifts over the next month. In 7 days she's working six 12 hour shifts and it carries on like that until she has 4 days off for her birthday in September. She's still loving the job and the wages at the end of the month.

I have spent the week mostly waiting in for deliveries. It's that time of year, birthdays coming up and the back to school shopping to do which wasn't actually too bad this year. Two white shirts and two pairs of trousers and we were done!

Now for a photo every day!

Hull Pride.
My eye and my fella painting
Pink sky
New iron and wooden badge
Red wine

211/365 - 30th July
We went to Hull Pride and had a fantastic day out. There was plenty of fun things going on and interesting sights to see. It felt so friendly and inclusive, just as it should be.

212/365 - 31st July
This photo was so hard to take! All I wanted was a picture of my eyebrow with some of the Hydrosil HydroBrow on which I was trying out. I ended up with about 20 photos and 19 of them my eye looked strange as I was looking in the wrong direction.

213/365 - 1st August
Stu likes to do little jobs around the house on his day off. On Monday he painted the electric box black to match the rest of the house. He also cut the grass and had a sort out in the garage.

214/365 - 2nd August
We had a pretty pink sky in the evening which was nice to see after a grey, cloudy day.

215/365 - 3rd August
I bought us a full size iron. We have been making do with a travel size one for years but Stu is using it more to iron his clothes for work and it was a chore with a little iron.

216/365 - 4th August
I ordered a present for Stu off ebay, a handmade one and this arrived in the box in a little bag saying thank you for buying from us, I thought it was cute and a nice touch.

217/365 - 5th August
I have been sent some wine to try out and took some photos yesterday afternoon. I of course had to open it and try it out. hehehe

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  1. Oh yes, all the work for Becky, I can completely understand (she works in healthcare, right?). Just today, I had a temping worker who came straight from the night shift at the main institution for my care agency to work my 8:30AM-1:30PM one-on-one shift.

    That thank-you note that came with the package for Stu is so lovely. It's great when small businesses take some extra steps to make sure their customers know they are appreciated.

  2. Hardcore work for Becky, but hopefully she'll feel good about having the work and the money! I never iron (apart from a rare shirt for weddings for the OH), but I need a new ironing board. Ours is a bit up and down on the top so not good for ironing on, and I'm assuming I'll need to do N's school shirts for secondary.

  3. Looks like a good day out at Hull Pride. I very rarely iron but definitely easier with a full-size iron rather than a travel one. Hope the wine tasted as nice as it looks. #project365

  4. We don't even own an iron! I once tried to get a pic of my eye but the shadow of the camera and phone kept getting in the way and I felt weird asking someone to take the pic for me! #project365

  5. Hull Pride looked fun, I wanted to go to Bournemouth one, but sadly was working. I have one of the steam irons, wouldn't go back to a normal one now

  6. Hull Pride looks fun, oh dear with the eye photo, everyone else seems to do these things with so much more ease than I can. You're getting old now if you're excited about buying a new iron lol