Sunday 28 August 2022

The best seat in the cinema. #MySundaySnapshot

We have been to the cinema twice in the past week. Once just to buy the Tango Ice Blasts and once to see the new Railway Children film. It was a good film but really sad.

The last time I was there before this week I went to see the Thor film and treated myself to one of the VIP seats and it was awful. Uncomfortable and yes you got a bigger arm rest but less room in front for your legs. Grr.

During the week I seem to have stumbled across the best seat in the cinema. The row we usually sit on had people already booked so I picked the row behind the VIP seats and I am glad I did. There seemed to be extra leg room and I know I shouldn't but I could put my feet up as there is such a huge gap between the VIP seats. I think from now on we will be booking the one behind the VIP seats.

Best seat in the cinema

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  1. Thisiswhereitisat28 August 2022 at 17:36

    Wow the ultimate luxury, good to hear you had a good time X

  2. Experience is often the better teacher. It seems especially true of theater seats. You have to try to know.

  3. I hate that cinemas put wheelchair users in the first row, I have to look up at the screen giving me a crick in the neck. I'm glad you found a better seat though, I hope you enjoyed the movie even if it was sad xx

  4. That is very cunning! Glad you managed to discover the secret of the best seats in the cinema.