Monday 29 August 2022

15 Today!

My baby Ellie is 15 today! She will not appreciate me calling her a baby but she will always be my baby. hehehe Every day she makes me proud and I give it 6 months until she is as tall as me.

I am trying to think back over the last year of Ellie's life and was going to say nothing major has happened but then remembered that she started studying her GCSE subjects and we had a few appointments at the hospital.

My youngest girls 14th birthday

In September Ellie was back at school starting year 10 and her GCSE subjects. She has done amazingly well so far and I am so proud of her. When she started her old school in year 7 they had practically written her off. If only they could see her now. She is predicted good GCSE grades for next year, it's something we could only have dreamed off. It just goes to show what a great school can do for a child. Ellie works hard at school but the same can't be said when it comes to homework. She still gets in trouble about once a month for not handing homework in. There's only so much I can do, if she doesn't write in her planner how can I tell her to do the homework that I don't know about. 

My youngest

Ellie had a pretty eventful start to this year. She had a routine appointment with a doctor to check her good ear was still good and he said that he could refer her for a hearing aid if that is what she wanted. We of course said yes and she had the MRI scan like a star and then we saw another doctor who said he found old bleeds on her brain and little else. We were referred to a different hospital for a chat with their neurosurgeon. I was besides myself. That was in the February and we are still waiting to see or hear from the neuro people and for the hearing aids. lol In March Ellie had a check up on her heart and the doctor was amazing and reassured us that her brain bleeds were most likely caused by her heart problems either before she had open heart surgery or during it. I am guessing that the letter he put in Ellie's notes has been read by the neuro people and they have just left it at that. It would be nice for them to let us know though.

My youngest in hats

I have featured Ellie less on my blog and social media. As much as I write about her there has been less photos. She is fine with the words but not the photos and even then 99% of the time she reads what I am sharing, well apart from the Tweets when I am moaning about her. hehehe 

For the last couple of years Ellie was crazy about all things Anime but this year she has drifted away from that. She is of course back into Stranger Things and has started watching Chicago Med and Greys Anatomy. The biggest hit of the last year with her was the Heartstopper Netflix show and she is so into it she requested the books for her birthday which of course she has got.

My youngest daughter

Ellie has a good bunch of friends and has had a great summer being off out on adventures with them. I had to chuckle a few weeks ago. We have lived here a few years but her and the boy next door have never bothered with each other until a week before he moved house. lol Now that he's moved he has started to hand out with her and her friends. There has been a couple of her friends that I have encouraged her to distance herself from and thankfully she has. There always seemed to be trouble and drama when she hung out with them. I am glad she can see when people are not right for her.

My daughter

We don't have much planned for today with it being a bank holiday the buses are rubbish here so it's not worth going far. She is quite happy to have just a chilled day at home with a takeaway and birthday cake. I am planning to treat her to a trip to the cinema this week to see Where the Crawdads Sing. She has been dying to see it and I have said no as it's a 15 age rating and up until now she has been too young!


  1. Happy birthday to Ellie! You must be so proud of all she has achieved and good on her for doing so well at school. So good to hear that her health is going well and I totally agree that those neuro people should confirm what they know so you can be totally sure. I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating Ellie. xx

  2. Happy Birthday Ellie! Enjoy the Crawdads. I haven't seen the film but I love the book :o)


  3. Happy Birthday Ellie! My wish for you is a great year of fun, adventure, and learning!

  4. Aw, lovely pics! Wishing Ellie a very happy 15th birthday. Where did that time go?!
    I hope she has an amazing day. xxx

  5. Happy Birthday Ellie, I hope she's enjoying her special day. She has some interests the same as my Boo, also 15. She loved Heartstopper and Stranger Things. I really hope Ellie enjoys her trip to the cinema and her birthday cake of course! xx