Tuesday 23 August 2022

Thoughts about having Covid.

A few weeks ago we all caught Covid. Stu tested positive for on the Saturday, Becky and I the Tuesday morning and Ellie the Tuesday afternoon! I have had so many emotions and thoughts while we've all been testing positive and thought I would write some of them down.

Question marks

When Stu said he felt unwell I was worried as he is never ill, I knew it was Covid and the lines on the test just confirmed it. He slept on and off for 24 hours which again isn't like him.

If it wasn't for Stu being so ill we might have just put it down to a normal summer cold. The symptoms were the same.

Stu isolated as much as he could, I cleaned everything that I could and tried my best to keep us safe but it wasn't enough. I felt like I had let us all down but it was inevitable and I suppose it's better that we all caught it at the same time instead of dragging it out.

When I tested and saw the two lines I couldn't believe it as I didn't feel that unwell but it was expected. It was more of a shocker for Becky as she had no symptoms at all. A couple of years ago I didn't believe that lateral flow tests worked that well but now I have so much faith in them.

It feels like we are the last people to get Covid.

I am glad Becky's work took her seriously and her word that she had a positive test as before Christmas when Covid was in full swing and she had all the symptoms she was made to go in to work while she was ill, thankfully she was negative then but did get sent home anyway. Now they have just taken her word she is positive, although she would have been happy to go into work to take a test.

Day one of having Covid I felt tired but didn't want to go to bed because it felt like I was just running on adrenaline and I thought if I slept I would wake up feeling rotten but thankfully that didn't happen. 

I kept thinking is this it? I kept expecting us to all feel worse but we never did. Ellie has had worse bouts of hayfever!

Getting my period on day 2 of Covid was just an added extra pain to deal with.

I feel like I have missed out on my share of having to isolate, I would have quite liked to hide out in my bedroom, snoozing a little, sitting in bed with my laptop and being served food and drinks.

I did enjoy staying in my pj's for a few days.

I had to have an upsetting chat with Ellie. A couple of years ago one of her friends lost her mum to Covid and I think Ellie was really worried about Stu and I. I said that we have all been vaccinated and boosted since then, we have some protection from it and we are not as ill as her friends mum was. It was heart breaking.

I have been drinking plenty which is great but coughing, sneezing and needing a wee all at the same time is not fun.

Stu lost his sense of taste and smell for a couple of days, I thought I had too but then realised I couldn't smell because my nose was so blocked up.

I thought everyone with Covid lost their appetite? I didn't, if I wasn't eating I was thinking about my next meal which I suppose was a good thing, it meant that my body had enough energy to fight off the virus.

It turns out we can live on cereal, toast and ready meals. After a week we were craving proper home cooked food though.

Even though I wasn't that ill the exhaustion afterwards is real.

We didn't have to isolate, there is no rule saying we should now but we did! I wouldn't want to pass the virus on to anyone who was vulnerable.

I was the last to test negative and never thought I would just get that one line again. It did seem to drag on.

I am very grateful for the vaccinations and boosters that we had! I feel we got off so lightly with Covid.

Have you had Covid? How were you with it?


  1. I'm glad you all got over covid. It's so strange how it affects everyone so differently! My husband and younger son had it earlier in the year. They only had cold like symptoms and recovered well. I managed to not get it and even though I've had kids at preschool climbing all over me and then the next day have tested positive. I still haven't had it, but you never know! I can understand poor Ellie being upset and worried especially having known someone who passed away from this dreaded virus. Some of the stories you hear are so scary!

  2. Glad you guys are feeling better. It is crazy how it effects everyone different. I had it around xmas and lost my scent and was sick (still don't have my sense of smell back) but no one else in the house got it. This past july Brian got it it is wasn't for someone else at work having tested positive we would have brushed it off as a cold also. No one else got sick.

  3. Glad it was relatively painfree for most of you. I think most people seem to still be isolating which is the responsible thing.

  4. Aaaggghhh I'm glad you didn't feel too bad. Pierre and Sophie had it in our house (separately) and neither of them felt ill, just a slight "cold" for a day or two. I'm sure the vaccines meant they only had a weakened form of it. Fingers crossed that's it now ... but I'm sure when the kids go back to school, it will all kick off again !

  5. We had three members of the family go down with Covid in February. I think me, Star and Graham avoided it because we'd only just had our boosters. The Little man was just lucky I guess. My eldest daughter just had a headache and felt tired. Boo was exhausted all the time, we had to wake her up to eat, but that was her only symptom. But my eldest son was coughing real bad day and night, he had a super high temperature and felt real poorly. He stayed in his bedroom the whole time and when he felt like eating, he and Star were given the kitchen alone for a while. I've not had it yet and I'm due another booster. I'm glad you are all over it now xx

  6. So glad that you all got through it. I remember when Ellie's friend lost her mum, so I can totally understand why Ellie was so worried bless her.
    I don't want to jinx anything but we have managed to escape Covid up to yet. I felt so poorly the other day and thought I had got it, but it turned out to be just a cold thankfully.
    I'm just grateful that we had the vaccines and boosters, so that if we do get it, hopefully it should be less serious. Happy you are all OK though.xx