Friday 5 August 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Deliveries! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I feel like all I have done this past week is wait in for deliveries. It's that time of year with birthdays coming up and school uniform to buy.

It's Stu's birthday in about a week and a half and I said I was going to get him 50 presents for his 50th and I am getting close. At my last count I had 43 presents, all things that he wants or needs and I will top it up to 50 with chocolate and scratch cards. hehehe The deliveries that I have been getting for him this week have been fun one's, the girls have seen some of the things I have ordered and they want the same things for their birthdays. I ordered a few things off ebay and thought the prices were too good to be true but it turns out everything arrived and the things were way better than I expected. Phew!

I ordered Ellie's school uniform for September and that arrived during the week. It dawned on me that it will be the last uniform that I will ever have to order, she have left school this time next year. This is the first year I haven't had to spend a small fortune, all she needed was trousers and white shirts. I haven't even bothered buying her a coat for school because the last one I bought for her is still sat on the peg and it's only been worn a couple of times when it was absolutely chucking it down. Even when it was freezing and snowing she only wore a hoodie. 

While I was on the George at Asda website I bought a few other things we needed. Since Stu has had to wear smarter clothes for work he has been using the iron more and all we had was a little travel one. It really wasn't cutting it anymore so we gave in and bought a full size one. I also finally got some big cushions for the sofa. I have been wanting some for ages but they were all either too expensive or the wrong colour. These one's are gorgeous and I've told the kids food and drinks are going no where near them. I also treated myself to a new top. I am planning on taking Stu out for a meal and want to wear something nice, all my tops are too casual.

Becky of course been getting deliveries too, random stuff that she has bought off TikTok. The stupidest thing she has bought recently was a water bottle to drink from which also can spray water out, a mist onto your face to cool you down. It would have been amazing during the heatwave but the weather has not been the greatest here. We've had a few rainy days.

How has your week been? I hope you've had a good one.

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  1. Deliveries eh! Sounds like a fun week. I hope the birthday celebrations go to plan. I remember the feeling of buying school uniforms for the last time. I found myself with so many white shirts at the end of that year too! The weather round here has been brilliant so I hope this will look up for you in that regard soon.

  2. Ooh exciting deliveries! I had two lots of uniform to buy, next year will only be one as it's Sir's last year at school too. I also have lots of birthdays this month so many deliveries for that too!

  3. I love the idea of buying 50 presents! I find that with school uniforms I have some years when I need everything and some years when it's just a few bits. Luckily I was able to all of the school specific things second hand this year, so I just need a quick trip to the supermarket for a few other bits.

  4. Deliveries are so much fun. It's like getting a present even though you've paid for it yourself! My son is finishing school this year and I am just about to pay his last school fees ever!! I am glad about that but sad at the same time. How did the time go by so fast!! I'm sure Stu will be so happy with all his presents. My husbands birthday is on the 17th of August, I haven't bought him a single thing yet. I better get on to this fast!!

  5. That’s a fun idea to get Stu 50 presents for his 50th – glad most of them have now arrived. End of an era for you with school uniform buying. I’ve now got all of Thomas’s and Sophie’s apart from shoes. Becky’s new water bottle sounds intriguing. It’s been warmer here this week so hopefully she’s had more opportunity to make the most of it. #WotW

  6. I love that you can buy almost anything online these days, we get lots of deliveries but most of them are for my eldest daughter who buys a lot of things from Japan. I'm catching up from last week as we appear to have a little wifi, I don't know how long it will last though x