Tuesday 30 August 2022

Tales from the bus.

After having yet another drama on the bus last week it made me think that I should write a blog post about some of the dramas that we've had on the buses lately.


Last week the bus driver didn't stop at the stop when I pinged the bell. He still didn't stop when a man got up and asked him to stop, the man wanted to be off at the same stop as us. The driver carried on and stopped at the next bus stop which was a good 7 minute walk from the previous stop. Grr! When I got off the bus I said to him thanks for not stopping and the driver then had the cheek to say you should have got up and asked and he would have which was a blatant lie because he wouldn't stop the bus for the man, what difference would me getting up make. I got off the bus ranting to Ellie.

We had a really good bus driver recently. We were getting the bus to Scunthorpe and I said one and a half return to town and he said "no, I can't give you that". I thought he was not letting us onto the bus for a second but it turns out that if we got something called a duo return where you pay for an adult and then the 2nd adult gets half price works out cheaper than an adult and a child. It's only a pound cheaper but every penny does count at the moment.

On the way home I was all set to have an argument with a man. I don't know what it is about our bus stop at the bus station which makes people think queueing up is not needed despite the majority of people obviously queuing. My girls and I were the first one's at the bus stop and then there were people behind us and a guy and his children stood away from the bus stop. When the bus driver opened the doors to the bus I stood up and went to wait until he had sorted himself out (it was a new driver). The guy was trying to edge his way into the queue and telling his kids that nobody actually has to queue as there is no law about queuing it is just good manners. I said out loud to my girls, loud enough for him to hear go on, try and push in front of me and we will see what happens to good manners. I know it was petty of me but I seem to feel irrationally anger when it comes to queuing for the bus. He took himself off the the back of the queue. A woman said to me good girl, some people need telling. 

Ellie and I were on the bus and a man sat on the seats on the left of us was sat there eating a full size birthday cake. We were watching in amazement, he wasn't slicing it, he had it in both hands and was just taking bites. What made us even more shocked was the fact he ate the whole cake without having a drink, it looked such a dry cake once he'd got through the icing. Only when he had finished he brought a bottle of water out and drank. lol Ellie and I were sat there trying not to laugh but the more we tried not to laugh the more we laughed. From what we heard from the conversation he was having with his friend on the bus he just fancied cake before he went to work. There's nothing stranger than folk. lol

As much as I moan about getting the bus sometimes I do like getting the bus really! It's always going to be better than getting the train. Getting the train makes people angry, especially over Christmas. lol

Have you had any funny or stressful incidents on a bus lately?


  1. Oh that cake guy would have had be laughing too! We have only ever ridden the bus when at Disney as all our local towns are much too small for any sort of public transportation but we have seen some pretty funny rides and families in Disney world too.

  2. Rude bus drivers or people pushing in would definitely annoy me! That man eating the cake must have been so funny to watch!

  3. Thisiswhereitisat2 September 2022 at 20:19

    You can get really good bus drivers but also some crap ones sadly that can't seem to do their job probably. I personally I would complain on twitter you get more noticed that way lol. I there are some crazy people on the bus it is entertaining at times to watch x