Saturday 27 August 2022

Week 34 of #Project365 20th - 26th August. A photo every day for a year!

 It has been good to feel back to normal after Covid and have a bit of freedom back to go and see who we please. We have had a good mix of days out and days at home over the past week. I was glad of a rainy day on Thursday to keep us home as we had a few things to catch up on, mainly housework. Becky has been pleased that she's had a few days off after working quite a few shifts. She's back to the grindstone now though, she did 2 day shifts and then is back on nights for the next week or so.

Now for a photo every day!

Fabulosa and a Jammy Dodger
Eastenders on the TV
Popcorn and my youngest
Crocs and pretty things

232/365 - 20th August
My new favourite flavour of Fabulosa, if I have to clean I want to clean with something that smells nice.

233/365 - 21st August
A few weeks ago my fella got some Banana flavoured Jammy Dodgers from Home Bargains. When we were in there we found some cola flavoured one's. I am not a fan but the kids love them. It doesn't seem right dipping something cola flavoured in a cup of tea.

234/365 - 22nd August
I finally caught up with watching Eastenders. I leave it weeks and then binge the episodes off the BBC iPlayer. I didn't realise until Monday that on a Monday they put that weeks episodes on so you can watch them before they're shown on TV. I almost spoiled it for everyone who watches it at the proper time by saying I was gutted to see Stewart leaving.

235/365 - 23rd August
I sent the kids off to the shop for something and they came home with extras. Microwave popcorn. It was nice for the first handful of pieces but then it started to taste waxy. We are not fans of it.

236/365 - 24th August
Ellie looking moody waiting to go into the cinema. I wish she wouldn't wear all black but she's at an age no where she chooses her own clothes. 

237/365 - 25th August
I always said to myself that I would NEVER wear Crocs but I ended up getting some for my youngest instead of wellies which she needed for a school trip. Anyway, they're very handy for popping on to put the rubbish out or going to our little shed if its wet out. It saves soaking my slippers.

238/365 - 26th August
I got something to review and this is one of the photos which won't be making it into the blog post about it but it does make an interesting picture.

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  1. I can't even work out what that end photo is! I'm never a fan of alternative flavours of good foods. I love it when all of a series get put on streaming. So nice to watch in one go rather than having to remember what's been going on a week ago.

  2. My eldest always prefers black clothes too! Oh interesting cola flavoured jammy dodgers! Might have to give them a try.

  3. Thisiswhereitisat28 August 2022 at 18:30

    I love crocs so comfy X

  4. My husband took to calling my youngest "Johnny Cash" all week because he wore 98% black when we were on vacation. I think it's just the age...

  5. I'm intrigued now as to what the last picture is. My son bought me crocs for my 50th, I love them

  6. Not heard of Fabulosa before, I like my Method cleaning products but they are pricey. I love crocs LOL

  7. Anya comes down each day and I can't believe what she wears! The biscuits sound odd, not sure I would try those flavours... #project365

  8. I've not seen any of the different flavours of Jammie Dodgers - quite intrigued by the banana ones. I find microwave popcorn can be a bit hit and miss sometimes. Love the crocs - I have a pair for doing things in the garden and they're so comfy. #project365