Sunday 14 August 2022

Pick n Mix. #MySundaySnapshot

It seems all the photos that I have taken in the past week have something to do with Covid. We've all had it, Stu is well and truly over it and is testing negative and as yesterday me and the girls were still positive. We've not been that ill, it just felt like a cold but we could have done without the heatwave making us feel worse. Ugh!

This photo of Ellie picking her pick n mix sweets seems an age ago but it was only last Saturday when we went into town to get the last of the things for Stu's birthday. I am so glad I didn't leave it until the during the week or we wouldn't have got there. I didn't even realise they did Pick n Mix like this in B&M's until the weekend. It reminded me of when I was her age and younger going to Woolworths, they had the best pick n mix. hehehe

Picking Pick n Mix

My Sunday Snapshot


  1. Sorry to hear you've all been unwell with Covid! Glad to hear Stu is better especially with his birthday coming up. Hope you and the girls get better soon xx

  2. I love a good pick n mix and so glad that they now to a great variety of vegetarian sweets #MySundaySnapshot

  3. I'm hoping all of you are negative really soon and feeling like yourselves. Tell Stu Happy Birthday - I hope everyone has reason to celebrate and feel great. #MMBC

  4. Sorry to hear you've all had Covid. I think you are all better now? That is a lovely colourful photo. The only time we get pick and mix is in the cinema.

  5. Mmmmmmm sweets!!! Thanks so much for linking up with #MySundaySnapshot and for sharing your snaps.