Sunday 28 January 2024

Week 4 of #Project365 21st - 27th January! A photo every day for a year!

I'm going to say it again January is dragging! It really is the worst month. I've not had the best of weeks but I am feeling better about things now, more positive and a lot less anxious. I think getting out on Friday for most of the day to my dad's and having a long laze in bed yesterday helped. I woke just after 10am and stayed put scrolling through TikTok, it was lovely.

Yesterday was such a nice day. Ellie and I got our meal deal from Tesco, I did some blogging, caught up on the soaps. Then Becky got up from sleeping off a night shift and had a rare Saturday at home. I cooked a Chinese feast which Sweet and sour chicken balls, chicken Chow Mein, Chinese curry, spring rolls, prawn toast and prawn crackers. There was football on the TV and then we had the usual Saturday night TV to watch. It was a good day!

Now for a photo every day!

Roast dinner
New blind and Plants V Zombies
Shelves and chocolate treat
Dad's kit car and Fruit Pastilles

21/365 - 21st January
We went out for Sunday lunch and will be going again today before the cafe closes for a couple of weeks. Most of the local businesses here are really struggling. The couple of pubs that we have have reduced their opening times and have had to put their prices up and now our favourite cafe is struggling. No one wants to spend money at this time of year or go out as the weather is rubbish, I do hope things pick up for them.

22/365 - 22nd January
We finally got a blind up at our bathroom window, it has been on our to do list for years. Of course the smallest we could find was still too wide so we had to cut it to fit. It's not perfect but it still looks good.

23/365 - 23rd January
Stu found the old Plants V Zombies on his computer and I have been playing it over the last week. I do love that game.

24/365 - 24th January
That bathroom is now finished and it's only taken a year. lol We put some shelves up which were needed since we got the shower put in. I have stressed to the kids not to try and put too much into them.

25/365 - 25th January
I got Ellie and I treat to come with the food shop. Chocolate Orange Yum Yums. They were nice but nothing amazing.

26/365 - 26th January
My dad's little kit car has been off the road since the summer and on Friday he finally got it running again. He was driving it around without the bonnet on which looked so strange but he was so happy, I know nothing about cars but it did sound like it was running well with no grunting or squeaking.

27/365 - 27th January
I got these at Christmas and they looked so fancy. I did chuckle when I opened them, they were basically fruit pastilles. They did taste nice but there wasn't enough of them. lol

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  1. That's a shame about the yumyums, they sounded so nice. The chinese dinner sounded amazing. We never have it here because the OH isn't keen.

  2. Yep I still think January is really dragging too!! Oh I love chocolate orange combo, they look great but a shame they weren't amazing! Had to smile at your dad driving around without a bonnet. Looks pretty cool though.

  3. Glad you feel much better mate. I think a good rest always helps. Sunday lunch out is always a good treat too. It's great not having to cook isn't it?!
    You have been busy with you bathroom, the blind and shelves look fab.
    I think your dad is so clever building a kit car. I wouldn't know where to start!
    And I used to love playing Plants V Zombies. I've started to play Swamp attack again, I love that hehe. xxx

  4. Chocolate Orange Yum Yums! Now you are talking! Chocolate and orange are the best combination ever.

  5. Not sure about chocolate orange but id defo love to try them. your dinner looked incredible.

  6. Oh that cooked dinners looks so nice!!! #MMBC

  7. Nothing beats a nice meal with family. Eating out makes it even better. #MMBC

  8. Yum, that chocolate orange! Also enjoyed visiting your blog and hearing about your days spent. 😀

  9. January is going on, I've turned the calendar over to February as we've run out of things to do this month and it's boring me. Well done getting the bathroom finished and cutting the blind to fit, it looks good.

  10. Those yumyums look really great its a shame they weren't all that amazing, I got plain yumyums from our Asda they other day and they were so stale tasting but the looked really moist as well. I love those little shelves you have in the bathroom, I could be doing with something that size in ours. x

  11. That kit car looks amazing, well done Dad for getting it back working again

  12. That Sunday lunch looks amazing. What a shame the café is struggling. I hope things pick up for them. Glad your dad got the kit car running again. It does look very interesting with the bonnet off! #project365