Thursday 4 January 2024

My top 10 blog posts from 2023

Last year I have been trying to find a new balance in blogging. Not sharing too much about my girls private life and blogging more about me and my thoughts but also trying to share some family life. It's been hard at times but a lot of my girls stories are not mine to share anymore, that's what happens when kids turn into adults and almost adults. I still have plenty to say and share though.


These are my top 10 blog posts from 2023! Some of these came as a surprise to me and the last one especially made me happy. Years ago when I was sent things to review they would always appear in my top 10's but this year I have chosen to review less from PR's and chose to review things that I have bought myself which makes me happy to see in my top 10. 

hedwig harry potter lego

I loved putting this set together and I received more Lego for Christmas so there will be more Lego type posts coming!

I have been doing a series of blog posts about my favourite movies and the Sci-Fi one was a big hit.

Shein dresses

Ellie has made many wish lists on Shein over the last year and one time I decided to share what was on her wish list. She now owns half of those outfits.

I am guessing people want to know about the crystal epilator hair remover thingy. It was a massive craze on Tik Tok a few years ago and I finally got around to writing about it last year.

Afternoon tea from Piglets Pantry

I realised I had some left over credit with Red Letter Days and used it to order an afternoon tea.

When I was looking at booking this hotel there were lots of reviews on Trip Advisor but not many other places. Even Sam who blogs at North East Family Fun and knows everything about the North East didn't know much about it.

Social media on a phone

I think we all need to take a step back from social media sometimes and during the summer I did. It has been very freeing and I still don't feel tied to it like I used to.

I have been joining in with a linky over the past year and I have loved it. A prompt is given, you write about it and then link up with others blogging about the same. I do love a linky and I have loved finding new blogs to read.

Pea and ham soup

This is one of those meals which I made which I wasn't sure that my family would love but they did and it was a massive hit with them as well as readers of my blog.

I am so glad this was in my top 10 blog posts of the past year. I do like to raise a bit of awareness about heart defects but sometimes it feels like I am shouting into the wind.

How many of these blog posts of mine have you read?


  1. I think I read nearly all of them!

  2. I always mean to review things I buy and use but rarely do. Good for you to actually share your ideas about products. I always enjoy reading your posts and look forward to this year's installments.

  3. What a great idea to review the things you buy. That way I think people can really be sure you're being honest, rather than just writing about something that was 'free'. So glad your heart post made it into the top 10. I must admit that is the only one I've read as I don't tend to read reviews or recipes on anyone's blog!