Friday 26 January 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 4. #FridayFavourites

Hello there and happy Friday! I hope you have all had a good week? I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for their Friday Favorites. I started the week thinking that I wouldn't have many favourites with a few things happening which have stressed me out but I have found some things to love this week!

What I have loved this week!

Fantastic bloggers! 
On Monday I had a few dramas with some blogging issues and turned to other bloggers for some help. The main issue I had was that someone with the same name as me was emailing bloggers and asking to work with them, I was so worried people thought it was me as my name is not very common. There were many words of wisdom and lots of support which I am grateful for. It didn't stop me being on the verge of tears for most of the day but I got through it and Tuesday was a new day.

Plants V Zombies.
I used to love playing Plants V Zombies years ago on my computer but after getting a new laptop a couple of years ago I never put the game back on until this week when my fella mentioned that he still had it on his PC. I do love it, it's such a simple game and great to play when you just want to zone out and lose some time.

Finishing decorating the bathroom (Finally).
This time last year I decorated the bathroom, it went from yellow to grey, it was quite the job and took quite a few coats of paint but we love it. It still looks as good as new but there were some final touches that we never got around to doing until this week. We finally got a roller blind and put it up at the window and as we got a shower put in a few months ago we got some shelves put above the bath for the shampoo and shower gel to go in so it's handy to reach.

Sunday lunch out.

The cafe where we like to go to eat has been closed for an extended Christmas break and opened up again last week which meant we went out for a Sunday lunch. They do the best roast dinners, they taste like proper home made food but the bonus is there is no washing up for us to do. I had pork with a ton of vegetables.

Ellie's assessment at college.
Ellie my 16 year old is studying engineering at college and to complete the course she has assessments throughout the year instead of one big exam at the end. For the last few units she has had to resit the tests but this time she passed it first time and didn't just pass, she smashed it with 33 out of 33 marks. I am so proud of her, she isn't always good at revising but this time she really worked hard.

One-Pot Minty Lamb & Potato Stew.
This was a meal from out Gousto box and we loved it which isn't bad considering this time 6 months ago my family wouldn't eat lamb as they thought they didn't like it. After a day of rain and wind we wanted something hearty and warming and this ticked all of the boxes. It was so simple to make lamb mince, carrots, onions, potatoes, tomato paste, beef stock and of course mint sauce! It is going on our list of meals to make in the future. 

My eldest making plans.
Becky is 21 years old and works full time so when she has time off work she does like to do her own thing with her friends. Over the past week she has made some plans for the summer and next week she is booking a little break away. I love that she is able to do that. Of course I would like to spend more time at home but she's spreading her wings and I couldn't be prouder!

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What have you loved over the past week?


  1. We love lamb in this house but it's so expensive! Well done Ellie on her test results, that's fantastic. And well done to Becky for spreading her wings. I remember when my daughter started travelling alone, it's a bit scary but you get used to it. (I really look forward to it now!) xx

  2. So sorry to hear you went through all that stress on Monday. I can't blame you for being so upset! I wonder if it's a real blogger or a scammer. My site was hacked a couple of months ago and it was so annoying getting it sorted. I hope you get to the bottom of it and it's just a strange coincidence. Well done to Ellie on her amazing results! The roast dinner looks so delicious with all the veggies and gravy, yum!! My 19-year-old is so social and loves going out with his friends. I'm happy that he has a nice group of mates but at the same time, I miss the days when he was at home on his computer hehe! He wants to go to Japan in the next year or so. If he goes I probably won't sleep the whole time he's away! Enjoy Plants Vs Zombies, I used to love zoning out to Candy Crush.

  3. That meal out looks so yummy! I bet it feels great to have the bathroom redesign finished.. I feel like so many of our rooms are works in progress that I never quite get around to finishing since I often hold out until I find just the right perfect little touch (and then by that time I'm ready to swap out a few of the very first changes I made!).

  4. Sorry to hear you went through some blogging stress. There is a lot of the behind the scenes things that many don't realize if you aren't in the blogging world. That lamb stew sounds amazing!

  5. That is so weird about that blocker! Or so-called blogger. So many scams out there it’s just so hard to know. Sorry about your stress! That dinner looks absolutely delicious as I’m getting ready to make our Friday night meal I wish I had all that, lol! Have a great weekend!