Saturday 27 January 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Anxious! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I try to keep my Word of the Week positive but this week I feel like I have been drowning in anxiety. Life isn't all sunshine and roses and we all can't have a good week every week. I have always been a worrier but usually I can push those feelings to the back of my mind but this week they have come to the front and I have been trying to work through my thoughts and rationalise them.

It all started on Saturday morning, I didn't sleep well and I think it all went downhill from there. I always feel on edge when I haven't had enough sleep and I feel like I haven't slept properly all week because of the weather. As of writing this we have had 2 storms and the wind is another worry for me. I always think that the fences are going to blow down in the back garden and then I will have to deal with our not so nice neighbour. Then there is the worry that it is so windy that the Humber Bridge closes to traffic and Stu can't get to work or most worrying can't get home from work. I have been constantly checking the bridge website and so far it's only been closed to high sided vehicles.

Then we had Monday and the drama with someone with the same name as me contacting other bloggers about guest posts. People assumed it was me as even though they weren't pretending to be me they were using my name which isn't very common. It really stressed me out, I didn't want others thinking it was anything to do with me. I also had a couple of other blogging things going on which on a normal day wouldn't have stressed me out but when it all came at once, in the space of an hour it was just too much. An amazing blogger friend was there at the end of a message offering support and advice, I am so grateful she was there to talk sense to me and even checked in on me on Tuesday then there was the ladies in the blogging groups where I asked for help which reassured me.

Ellie got off to a good start wearing her hearing aids a year ago but over the last 6 months or so she has been wearing them less and less. I nag at her and she will put them in when she leaves the house and then takes them out as soon as she is outside. She can't explain why she doesn't want to wear them apart from she prefers not to. She doesn't like being deaf in one ear but at the same time she went 15 years like that and it's that is what she's used to. We have an appointment coming up with Audiology at the hospital to see how she is getting on and I am dreading it. She's 16 so I can't force her to wear the hearing aids but she's 16 and I feel like the specialists will think I should make her wear them. There's that saying you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink which springs to mind. I need to stop stressing about it, Ellie is doing really well in life without wearing hearing aids, I think I am just going to have to accept we tried and they are not for her despite what the experts might say.

As anxious as I have been I have been looking after myself with having early nights, eating properly, plenty of pampering showers and baths and I've been taking time away from social media and blogging, thank goodness I have been organised with my blogging and had posts scheduled for this week. 

I wrote this yesterday and I am starting to feel more positive and less anxious. I think it was just one of those weeks. We all have them even if we don't always blog about them and share how we are feeling.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one.

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  1. I'm glad to hear you're starting to feel more positive. I hope next week is better for you. Take care.

  2. Hiya, thank goodness not all weeks are as anxiety laden as this. And also thank goodness for blogging friends who could help you. I didn't know there was another blogger with your name! Whatever the saga was, I hope it is all settled now. I agree with you to do your best for Ellie but leave it to her to make the best decisions for herself. It's part of becoming an adult and living your own life as you see fit. Look forward to next week knowing that some things will be out of your control but it's how you deal with them that matters. And this reminds me that I need to join a blogging group in case we have issues, as at the moment we are not in any. Any recommendations?

    1. Thank you. I would recommend "Official UK Bloggers on FB". x

  3. I'm so glad you are feeling better now and you are so right, we all have those days. I know I do!
    Sending the biggest hug. xxx

  4. That does sound like a tough week. It's hard when things get on top of us. On their own, these things might not be too bad, but when they all come at once, it all gets too much!
    Glad you had some help with your blog and you are starting to feel better about things now.

  5. Sorry to hear you’ve had a week of being anxious. I can imagine that someone with the same name as you emailing bloggers about guest posts was stressful. Ellie not wanting to wear her hearing aids is a tough one – as you say, you can only encourage her to wear them but it’s her choice about whether to do so. Glad you have managed to find time to pamper yourself in amongst the anxious moments and hope that this week has been a better one x #WotW