Friday 19 January 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 3. #FridayFavourites

Hello there and happy Friday! I hope you have all had a good week? I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for their Friday Favorites and I have quite a few of my favourites to share from this past week.

A surprise day off work for my fella.
My fella got a phone call from one of his managers at work asking if he wanted a paid day off as there were too many people in and not enough work. He works for a mobile phone company and his job is to answer calls when people ring up to upgrade their phone or buy a new one. It's January which is always a quiet period as not many people have the money to buy a new phone. I worried a little thinking they could be letting people go but that's not the case, it happened last year but Stu wasn't lucky enough to get a day off then and plus there is a new Samsung phone being launched later on this month that everyone will go crazy for so there will be more than enough work for everyone!

Iceland have a new £1 range and we thought we would try their pies after my dad had said they were so nice. We had them on Sunday and I already want to eat them again. They're not the deepest pie but they are rammed full with plenty of chicken and bacon with a creamy sauce and the bonus is that they are only £1 for 2 pies!

A new tumble dryer!

tumble dryer

We have been living without a tumble dryer for years, we had an old on in the garage which we could use if we were desperate but it was useless so we bought a new one on Sunday. Thank goodness for the half price electricity on Sunday as we dried 4 loads and made a big dent in the washing pile. It's amazing and one of the bonuses to having it in the kitchen is that it warms the kitchen up, which is the coldest room in our house without making it damp.

My hot water bottle!
I am going to talk more about how cold it has been here in my Word of the Week blog post tomorrow but my hot water bottle as been my friend this week. I sit with it behind a cushion on my armchair and it really helps me feel warmer. I don't think I could sit in the house without it now.

I have been watching the CH4 soap Hollyoaks for years and I go through phases of being bored by it and over the last couple of months I haven't been that interested but after Tuesday I am hooked again! The big car crash! I don't usually watch it when it is streamed online after the episode on TV is shown but had to after starting to read spoilers on Twitter. It has got good again but I had to explain to Becky who a certain bad guy was who has returned in someone's visions. Becky was at work when I was watching and she said she wanted spoilers and so much happened with lots of people returning and of course the deaths! Eek.

Dippy eggs.

Soft boiled eggs

It's been years since I have had soft boiled eggs as I could never get the timings right when cooking them in boiled water. We recently got an air fryer and I read on BubbaBlue & Me's blog how to make air fryer soft boiled eggs. I thought they would have exploded but no. I ended up getting the timings from following a YouTube video. 10 minutes at 120C. They came out perfectly and I was absolutely amazed with them.

Becky's Laptop.
Technically not one of my favourites as it's Becky's new laptop but she has saved up and bought herself a gaming one and it is very fancy. She hasn't always been the best at saving since she started full time work and over the last couple of years I have been gently encouraging her to save. She said once she had saved a certain amount she would buy the laptop. It was supposed to come on Saturday but after a faff it arrived on Tuesday and she even got up early after sleeping from a night shift to set it up! It really is fast and I don't usually get wowed by graphics but everything looks better on her laptop.

What were your favourite things over the past week?


  1. How I love dippy eggs! I just might have some today! Have a great weekend!

  2. That’s so great Stu got a paid day off from work. Tumble dryers are the best aren’t they? We got one in 2022 the year it wouldn’t stop raining! I remember one time I was so desperate to get Steve’s uniform dry that I was using a hairdryer! Haha! That was the motivation to finally get one. You’re lucky to get half price electricity on Sundays. Our electricity prices are ridiculous so I try not to use it too often. I didn’t know you could cook eggs in an air fryer. They look delicious, I love dippy eggs. That’s so great Becky got a new gaming laptop. Speed and graphics are everything in gaming!

  3. Wow, those eggs look amazing. Exactly the way I like them so I can dunk my bread soldiers in them ! Great news to get a paid day off. Love the new tumble drier. It's a great feeling when you manage to clear the washing pile !