Thursday 11 January 2024

This time next year! 2024!

This time last year I wrote a blog post, This time next year (Again). It was a list of things that I wanted to achieve by next year, which is now. Time flies when you are having fun! Last year was such an amazing year for me and my family. We made lots of memories and had some fantastic achievements.

planner on desk with flowers

Last year I said:

We will have been on holiday.
We had an amazing few days in Newcastle and then up to Amble and staying in a cottage for a family wedding. Most of my blog posts in September were about our break away.

Will have redecorated the kitchen and at least one of the girls bedrooms as well as the bathroom.
I decorated the bathroom and after all the work we've had done in it over the last few months it's looking rather tatty. I think it needs redoing! Stu decorated Ellie's bedroom during February half term and took inspiration from the builders who put up an insulated wall in the living room and got some thinner boards for Ellie's room. It is so warm in her bedroom now and it's still looking nice. We still haven't got around to decorating the kitchen!

Ellie will have done well in her GCSE's.
She did better than well in her GCSE's, she smashed them! She was never going to get A's but a few years ago she wasn't expected to get any passes. She found middle ground and got quite a few passes. She didn't get the pass that she wanted in maths but a few weeks later we got a phone call off Ellie's old maths teacher from school saying her maths GCSE papers had been sent off to be re-marked as she was so close to getting a pass. They came back and she got quite a few extra points and the pass that she wanted!

Ellie will have a part time job.
Not at the moment but she does have one lined up for when she has to do her work experience from college.

Becky will have passed her driving test.
She has just about given up on driving at the moment. Her instructor was reducing her hours and was only keeping those on close to a pass. Ugh! Where we live driving instructors are thin on the ground and the one's that can give Becky lessons can't do the days that she can do.

Becky will have enough money saved to buy a car or already have one.
She has got enough money saved to buy a car but now she is planning to buy a gaming laptop.

Stu and I will be spending more time together on his days off.
We have had quite a few days out and at home together. It has been really nice.

I will have all of the Christmas present buying done by the start of December.
I had so many good intentions and was almost done at the end of November but then I bought more and remembered things that I hadn't bought. I finished present shopping on the 15th of December. lol

I will have completed a few craft projects which I've been meaning to do for ages.
Most of the craft projects are still where I left them. I will do them this year after I've done the Lego sets that I got for Christmas. hehehe

We will have cut down on the takeaways. We have cut down but I want to have even less.
We didn't have many takeaways at all last year, towards the end of the year we started getting Gousto Boxes which really took the temptation away!

I will be getting outside more, not just sitting in the garden during the summer. 
Yes, I have. I feel like I have been out more in the last six months or so. Sometimes when it's wet or cold I don't feel like going out but do and then when I get back home feel so much better for some fresh air.

I will be baking more instead of buying cakes.
I started off great at the beginning of the year baking plenty of cakes and biscuits but then I got lazy but to be honest I have been eating less cake so therefore buying less.

This time next year:

I will have a job. I am not desperate for one but I do want one.
I will have completed some craft projects.
I will have tried a new hair colour.
I will have lost weight.
Had a night away with just Stu.
Ellie will have started driving lessons.
I will have grown sweetcorn. I came close last year but nothing came of it. Hmmf.
We will have decorated the kitchen!
I will own an air fryer! Everyone else seems to have one.
I will have printed out photos and put them in albums.
I will have made more of an effort with social media.
I will be in a habit of going out for a walk every day! 

What will you have done by this time next year?


  1. I really like this intentions list rather than new years resolutions! It is nice to reflect on what you have achieved as well. I hope 2024 is good for you :)

    Caroline |

  2. Thats so great to look back on all of your achievements. You crossed quite a few off your list! I had a giggle at Becky wanting to buy a gaming laptop instead of a car. That sounds just like my oldest son who would definitely choose a gaming laptop over a car. He hasn't got his license and isn't interested in driving.

  3. It sounds like you did really well with your aims for 2023 and those are great aims for 2024. Good luck with achieving them and especially with finding a job.
    It is so true that getting outside always makes you feel better - even when the weather is bad! I either go for a run and two walks or three walks every day. Being inside for more than a few hours drives me crazy!

  4. You did well with your aims for 2023. I haven't really thought about what I want to do this year though I do have some ideas now after reading this. Good luck with this years aims.

  5. Oh well done! You achieved so much last year. I love your goals for this year too.
    This time next year I will have finished my master's hehe and hopefully will have my book published. xx

  6. Hmm... by this time next year I should have 2 kids in college, and 3 kids that are driving and working. I hope to have redecorated our bathroom downstairs and picked up painting again.