Monday 8 January 2024

Our weekly meal plan! 8th - 14th January. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan didn't really go to plan. We ate some of the meals but not all of them. We had the party food leftovers, Spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread, Chinese style pork rib steaks with chips and baked beans instead of the egg fried rice and spring rolls. I am not too fussed, last week was a slow week and no food went to waste. The extra Bolognese went in the freezer and everything else is still in the freezer. We had frozen pizza and yesterday I made a roast dinner as I really fancied one. We would have gone out but the place that we love doesn't open until today from their Christmas break.

This week we are back into our normal routine with Ellie going back to college today. I predict that this morning we were grumpy about the 7am alarm clock. lol Coffee will be needed and I still have some Gingerbread Latte sachets left from Christmas which will make me happy. We are back to getting Gousto boxes, last week I felt pretty lost without one. It does make it easier to meal plan and not get bored about food and the cooking of our evening meals.

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Stu is cooking. Some chicken, bacon, leek and potato bake. I don't know where he got the recipe from but he cooks the chicken, bacon and leek and mixes it with a white cheesy sauce and then puts it in a casserole dish and covers the saucy mixture in sliced potatoes.
Tuesday - Gousto meal - Sticky Chinese Style Pork Steak With Sesame Rice.
WednesdayGousto meal - Chicken & Pepper Chow Mein.
ThursdayGousto meal - Smoky Beef, Pineapple & Red Onion Tacos.
FridayGousto meal - Lamb Doner With Chilli Sauce And Chips. We have had this before because I remember recoding myself making it but it was a beef doner before. I am sure it will taste just as good!
Saturday - Pizza!
Sunday - Out for a roast dinner!

What are you eating this week?


  1. It sounds like you have a lot of tasty meals planned.

  2. Happy New Year! Stu's chicken, leek and potato bake sounds yummy and easy to make. It would be good with bacon and mushrooms too - thanks for the inspiration :)


  3. I keep debating about whether to do Gousto, but I have one very fussy eater and one who would probably think the portions were not big enough so that is probably why I have not taken the plunge. The recipes do sound lovely.