Wednesday 12 April 2023

Dresses, skirts and shorts. A teenagers shopping wish list.

 Ellie my 15 year old has always been a bit of a tom-boy in how she dresses but recently she has decided that she wants to wear dresses, skirts and shorts. It came as a bit of a shock to me but I am more than happy to let her choose how to dress even if it is costing us buying some new clothes. We bought a few outfits a couple of weeks ago and since then she has been making lists of clothes that she has found online, mostly off the website Shein.

I have never been a fan of the Shein website. I used to think it was all cheap, tacky and full of awful clothes but Ellie got her prom dress from there and it is actually pretty amazing considering it didn't cost that much. She has been showing me dresses, outfits and things and they look pretty good and they don't cost the earth.

These are some of my favourite things that she has on her wish list. Dresses, skirts & tops and short outfits.  I thought some of the outfits were a bit dressy to wear every day but she has said the outfits would be dressed down by wearing trainers or boots and with her denim or leather jacket.

dresses and skirt outfit

ROMWE Fairycore Contrast Lace Cami Dress - £10.99
ROMWE Butterfly & Floral Print Drawstring Dress - £11.49
SHEIN EZwear Ribbed Rainbow Striped Butterfly Embroidery Dress - £11.49
SHEIN Sweetheart Neck Puff Sleeve Drawstring Ruched Dalmatian Dress - £13.99
SHEIN EZwear Split Hem Camo Dress - £7.99
SHEIN EZwear Lettuce Trim Rib-knit Tee & Split Hem Plaid Skirt Set - £9.99

Skirt outfits
Short outfits

Solid Tank Top & Ditsy Floral Print Ruffle Hem Skirt - £11.49
SHEIN ICON Pop Art Print Tube Top & Bodycon Skirt - £12.49
SHEIN EZwear Stripe Crop Halter Top & Bodycon Skirt Set £9.49
SHEIN EZwear Notch Neck Split Hem Lettuce Trim Tank Top & Push Buckle Belted Shorts Set - £15.99
Zip Up Drawstring Thermal Lined Hoodie & Shorts - £14.49
SHEIN EZwear Ditsy Floral Print Lettuce Trim Tee & Shorts - £8.99

Ohh! To be a teenager again, have the body and have the confidence to wear clothes like this. A lot of the clothes which Ellie puts on her wish lists are still black, I sometimes wish she'd wear a bit of colour but I guess she takes after me, most of my clothes are black. I think what put Ellie off wearing skirts and dresses in the past was that she thought she had to wear fancy shoes or high heels but she's come to realise a lot of dresses will go with other footwear that she is more comfortable in.

Are your teenagers followers of the latest fashion trends?

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  1. Ellie has some lovely outfits on her wish list. My boys are really into sneakers especially my oldest son. They aren't really interested in the latest fashion much and just tend to wear the usual t-shirts and shorts or pants.

  2. I love Ellie's wish list. The camo dress has to be my favourite, that would look fab with trainers or pumps.
    Jayden is becoming more picky with his clothes now. Can't believe he will be a teenager soon! Eeeek. xx

  3. Thisiswhereitisat17 April 2023 at 15:09

    Ooo such cute ideas