Saturday 8 April 2023

A photo every day for a year! 1st - 7th April. Week 14 of #Project365

I have had a very strange week, a lot would seem unbelievable but I have the photos to prove most things did actually happen. lol We have had Ellie turning into a girly girl and less of a tom-boy, British Gas messing up a couple of times and a cat visiting our house.

We are enjoying a long weekend with plenty of family time. Stu was off work yesterday and today too and then has his normal Sunday and Monday off. As an added bonus it's Becky's weekend off work too so we're planning on getting the garden, garage and little shed sorted.

Now for a photo every day!

Shopping and false nails.
Youngest in a new outfit and a cat
British Gas email and bunny sweet

91/365 - 1st April
Ellie and I went out for a shopping trip, we browsed a few shops but ended up spending an hour and a half in Primark. Ellie left with 2 bags of clothes and quite a few new outfits.

92/365 - 2nd April
False nails. Ellie put them on Sunday and they lasted all the way until Wednesday which I think is pretty impressive for a first try.

93/365 - 3rd April
Ellie tried out one of her new outfits for a revision class at school. She looks so different in a skirt and with her hair straightened. 

94/365 - 4th April
While the gas engineer was here he left the front door open and a cat must have sneaked in. Becky found it a good while after the gas man had left laid the top of the stairs. The little so and so wouldn't walk down the stairs so I feared for my life and carried it down. I am not a cat person. lol

95/365 - 5th April
I had complained to British gas on the Tuesday about them not doing what they had came to do. They were sent to upgrade the gas and electric smart meters, they couldn't do that because all that needed replacing was the gas meter which isn't working. The engineer wasn't allowed to do half a job. Don't ask me why, it makes no sense. They then had the cheek to send me an email saying they couldn't access the meter which is a blatant lie! I complained again. I feel they are making it seem like my fault, not theirs. 

96/365 - 6th April
A bunny sweet, one of many that Stu brought home from work. Everyone who was in on Thursday got a little hamper of sweets which I thought was really nice.

97/365 - 7th April
Daffodils. These are probably my favourite flowers. They mean warmer days are coming.

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  1. Cats are so cheeky, glad you managed to catch it and get rid. Nice for you and Ellie to have some girly clothing shopping. Happy Easter

  2. Lovely photo of Ellie in her new outfit. I’m impressed the false nails lasted so long. British Gas sound like a nightmare. I do hope you get your meter sorted out soon. Cheeky cat coming in. Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers too. #project365

  3. Ellie's nails look so pretty and they look real too. I have a super friendly cat but I would still be scared of a strange cat in my house. Not all cats are friendly and you just never know how they are going to react. A while ago my neighbour asked me to feed her cat when she went away and I was so scared of it. Every time I went to feed it, the thing would stand in front of his bowl and hiss at me. In the end I would just throw the food and run.

  4. Ellie's nails look lovely! I really like cats a lot but would still be leery of a strange one in my house.

  5. I love daffodils too but tulips are my favourite spring flower! Hope the meters nightmare gets sorted soon (my parents have just had one replaced as they were being charged a huge amount due to a faulty one so they now have the joy of trying to claim some money back...) #project365

  6. How lovely that they got some treats at work! I love seeing Daffodils popping up too, we have some bluebells in the garden too. Ellie looks lovely! I quite fancy having that jumper too! Fabulous nail colour. Shopping in Primark is so much fun, such good value there.

  7. Cats just think they own all houses! Looks like a lovely one though! Love the nails!